The Positive Benefits Of Giving

While certainly helping others benefits those who are in need of support, it also has a positive effect on those who give. When employees are participating in a corporate philanthropy project, it improves the overall productivity of your team. This is because when an individual participates in something that is meaningful that is supported by the company, they become more connected to the company. They realize that their value as employees and as people extends beyond their workday tasks.

While companies often initiate social events as a means of building a communal experience in the office, it is hard to take the “work” atmosphere out of the workplace. By volunteering together outside of the office, coworkers have the unique opportunity to spend time with each other in a different context. Volunteering teaches valuable teamwork skills that can be applied to the workplace. Most importantly, the positive experiences that come out of volunteering and helping others allow coworkers to bond and create lasting friendships that make the workplace a more enjoyable environment.

A great way to get employees excited about volunteering is to schedule an event that allows workers to enjoy the great outdoors. There are hundreds of studies that show the positive effects of spending time outside, and going outdoors to volunteer is a great option that will mix things up a bit and provide a change of scenery. This might seem like a small detail, but it will have a huge effect on your workplace morale. Employees will return to the office energized after spending a little time in the sunshine.

Increasing profits is a worthwhile goal, but your company also needs to present the message that there is more to the company than profits. A corporate giving program provides proof that your company’s mission is not just about the profits. Not only does this create a positive image for consumers, it fosters a better working environment for all of your employees. After all, it’s easy to feel a sense of pride in your company when you know that in addition to hard work and profits, you also make a commitment to helping those in need.

Your corporate giving plan provides proof that it’s not just about how much money the company can make. The profits are great, but consumers also want to do business with companies that care about more than the bottom line. In addition, you will forge better relationships with other businesses and community organizations.

The best way to build excitement about your corporate giving program is to make a conscious effort to spread the word. Get on social media and highlight what your employees are doing and why. Not only will this get the word out among the community, it will generate positive support among the employees.

Sebastian Troup enjoys writing about philantrophic solutions for businesses and non profit organizations. For additional information about a competitive advantage of corporate philanthropy, or to find about employee giving programs, please go to the Truist website now.

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