The One Good Way to be Outstanding in Any Business Environment

Building a career is about making certain that all the great things you do are noticed and rewarded by your superiors and doing your absolute best to be certain that the mistakes you make remain unseen.

It is astounding how much people won’t notice if you’ve got a good reputation for producing good quality results. In the leadership quotes article on my blog this week I mention a quote from the great Steve Jobs, founder of the mighty Apple empire. In this famous quote he says: “Be a yardstick for quality.”

It is hard to find a better foundation on which to build a career than to generate a good name for always realising high quality work and achieving high quality results. The rationale is straightforward – quality creates a reliable reputation. Also, quality allows for demanding a higher price for your produce. Bosses have a tendency to like employees who generate higher priced, more profit-generating products.

When you build a name for the high quality of your work you become the “go to” person in your area of responsibility. The more people come to you, the more fans you have. The more fans you have, the more power you have.

Ask this question , “would you rather own a Rolls Royce or a rickshaw?” People aspire to the ownership of products that speak of quality and status. And standing quite often comes from quality.

Think about the great leaders who have left their mark on history and recognize how they relied on at least one quality to support them. Genghis Khan had a high quality army. Winston Churchill was a quality orator. Toyota became the premier auto manufacturer in the world because of their quality of trustworthiness. The list is unending.

To build a successful career, either in your own business or working for somebody else, set yourself the aim of always producing quality products and getting quality results.

Since 1995 David Ferrers has concentrated his energies on business coaching, writing and presenting. He uses leadership quotes extensively in his work to add substance to his teaching and to give clients inspiration and ideas.

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