The Most Common Reasons for Sacrum Pain

Have you got Sacrum pain? Your sacrum is located at the bottom of your spine and it’s what many people call your tail bone. A lot of muscle attach into your sacrum including your Gluteus Maximus (your butt) and many smaller and deeper internal rotator muscles like your Piriformis. Plus, your pelvis also fixes to abs and leg muscles also. There is a lot occurring in that area of the body, but here I’m going to talk about some of the most typical reasons behind Sacrum discomfort.

The first thing that might be going on is Piriformis syndrome. As mentioned before, your Piriformis muscle is a really deep rotator muscle. The Sciatic nerve happens to run directly under the Piriformis muscle and when that muscle becomes tense or cramps it can begin to crush the Sciatic nerve leading to a condition called Sciatica.

This presents itself as a extremely intense discomfort in your butt. The Piriformis could cause this pain either from overuse, for example if you are an athlete and you overtrain your legs, or from underuse, for example if you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day with little exercise.

Another problem that might cause Sacrum pain is swelling. Your body uses inflammation when it has been hurt or exposed to some kind of toxin as a method to prevent more damage to it. Sadly, the tissue swelling connected with swelling can also put a little pressure on the nerves in the pelvis and sacrum area.

If you have been gotten some type of injury lately, that’d be a noticeable source of inflammation. But there also are many sorts of food, which are widespread in western diets, that can cause inflammation. Lots of the ingredients in junk food and convenience food are actually a mild toxin in the body and may end up in soreness, so make an effort to eat a good diet.

A third possible reason for Sacrum discomfort is Sacroiliac joint issues. Your Sacroiliac joint (often called the SI joint) is a joint that connects your sacrum to your hips. This joint doesn’t have an especially wide variety of motion, and because of this amount of doctors believed for a long while that SI joint pain was basically an indication of other issues. Nonetheless times are changing and now many recognize that SI joint pain is actually totally real.

Since this joint exists to help dissipate the pressures involved on balancing the body and the torsion of movement, pain in this area could be the results of over-usage of the joint. Other potential causes are rheumatism or inflammation. Without more info, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of SI joint pain.

Sacrum pain can have many alternative causes. The pelvis is an especially complicated area of the body with many nerves and muscle groups linking together from the lower and upper body. To really understand what the cause of your sacrum pain is and the best treatment option, talk to your doctor.

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