The MEPS Schedule And What To Do To Prepare

Joining the military is a very big decision and one that will effect you for your entire life. This is usually a good thing considering all of the benefits a soldier of the United States government is privy to. But there is a long process to start this portion of your life and it all starts when you go through the various parts of your MEPS schedule.

MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station of which there are about 65 throughout the United States. The process begins with your recruiter who will take you through a screening process to make sure you are able to get to the next step which is taking the necessary tests. The process takes two full days and is surely something you will need to prepare for.

It can be sometimes a bit overwhelming for those involved because most of the people who are joining are fresh out of high school or in their last year of school and the environment can be a bit intimidating. The standard schedule takes about two days to get through and they can sometimes be set apart. Even so, most people prefer to have this done on consecutive days so they can get it over with.

There are various practice tests available but you would be doing yourself a favor by asking your recruiter for the best possible place and way to get one. They deal with this everyday and they will know which are the scams and which are real practice tests. The test is difficult so make sure you study for what is in the practice test and get a good night sleep before hand.

For the most part they are all standard medical questions about your medical history, metal health history, and anything else that they might need to know about you physically. There are some basic things that people should do before going ahead to processing to be sure they are ready. You will need a good night sleep because it will be a very long couple of days.

Once you complete the ASVAB testing your day will be finished. If you live in the general area of the MEPS station you may then go home for the night and return in the morning. If not then you will be put up in a hotel for the night with the rest of the recruits who are also in the same stage of the process as you. You will have to be sure to arrive early in the morning and on time.

Upon your arrival the first thing that you will do is take the ASVAB test. It is now computerized where in the past it was a typical fill in the circle type of test that took time to score when completed. Once the test is finished and you have received your scores you are done for day one. If you live in the area you just go home, if not the recruiter will get you a room at a local hotel.

The completion of your MEPS schedule will take place when you have finished at the last medical station on day two. After getting your sight and hearing tested along with various other aspects of your physical attributes you will be taken home by your recruiter. It might be a long two days but you will now be ready to enter the military.

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