The Many Colors And Purpose Of Safety Vests

Several different types of jobs have people near congested roads or busy highways completing jobs that are not only very dangerous within themselves, but being near this traffic is dangerous as well. If bad weather conditions set in, these jobs can get even more dangerous. The statistics say that more than 100 workers are killed and over 20,000 every year doing construction in these areas. Safety is a primary concern in construction, as well as many other jobs, such as emergency medical services, police work, firefighter work,and more. Because these jobs often come with added danger, the best protective clothing, such as safety vests, and equipment, like easy-to-see traffic cones and spotlights, is an absolute must. However, it’s important to get the correct gear for the job. Going online makes it easy to get high-visibility safety garments for all construction, police, surveyor, and EMT jobs.

Anyone who has driven along the highway has seen construction workers in their neon vests or safety tee shirts. These vests are very important in construction, as it’s quite a dangerous job. Not only are workers navigating through incomplete buildings and weaving around piles of materials, but they also work from large heights, operate dangerous machinery. One of the biggest hazards is working near the highway, and this is where the high-visibility vests come in. These vests are generally neon green or neon orange and feature an ultra-reflective silver tape. These vests are required to meet safety standards put forth by the FHWA, and all the vests that workers wear are required to meet these standards. In addition, they come with a five-point breakaway feature that makes it possible for workers to disengage from the vest should it get snagged on something.

EMTs are the first responders to any medical emergency. Many of these medical emergencies take place along roads, so it’s important that they remain visible and recognizable to be able to address an emergency without fear of personal safety. EMT safety vests come in a high-visibility neon green, with super reflective tape on a contrasting green background. “EMS” is written across the front and the back so that these technicians can quickly be identified during an emergency.

Much of police work involves directing traffic, being on-site for any sort of emergency, and much more. Similar to EMTs, construction workers, and others whose jobs put them near roads, safety is of the utmost concern, and that means high-visibility vests are a must. Like the others, they come in special colors to be easily recognized, and the vests are designed to be as visible as possible. Usually, police officers will wear the neon green mesh vests with a blue contrasting detail and highly reflective silver tape. “Police” is written along the front panel, as well as the back, making it easy to distinguish police along the road.

There is a handful of safety vests for other professions as well. For example, firefighters, sheriffs, security, and more can get their specialized vests online, complete with the proper colors and labeling.

Equipping a police team, EMTs, construction workers, and more with proper safety vest has never been easier. Ordering in bulk helps save money too, making equipping a whole team easy and affordable with safety tee shirts.

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