The Main Advantages Of Stomaphyx San Antonio Weight Loss Methods

As the San Antonio populace keeps to trend toward being overweight and morbidly obese, lots of people already went through extreme surgical treatments just like gastric bypass that haven’t totally been successful. As a result, patients have needed to turn to methods for Stomaphyx San Antonio weight loss clinics have to offer, where a form of gastric bypass revision is employed to correct a stomach pouch which has stretched out years following the initial treatment. It is a somewhat new method, which is the reason why not many people have heard regarding it yet. However, it is gaining steam, especially sense it is non-invasive and quite simple to conduct.

Following the gastric bypass for surgical weight loss San Antonio process has been performed, the stomach pouch can still extend, enabling a lot more food to be consumed over time, eventually causing weight gain. Procedures for Stomaphyx San Antonio weight loss clinics are providing can correct the cumulative stretching that happens years after the main gastric procedure has been carried out. Still, the method is relatively new, which means not all Texas bariatric San Antonio weight loss centers will be able to carry out this procedure.

The treatment is a method for gastric bypass revision, that is already being recognized as an issue that happens with a little percentage of individuals who have formerly had gastric bypass or lap band surgery. An instrument is placed in the esophagus, sucking up parts of the stomach and then holding the folds jointly with needles, just like a pleat. Since there is no surgical treatment necessary, there’ no requirement for a surgical weight loss San Antonio procedure to be carried out.

Just before deciding whether or not to undergo the treatment, you will have to find out if you qualify initially. Only individuals who have formerly had gastric bypass or lap band surgery will generally be eligible. Also, since it is a new procedure, very few doctors have had the experience to execute it.

Because of this, you will have to look for a Texas bariatric San Antonio clinic which is familiar with the treatment and will be able to perform it. You can primarily ask with the surgeon that executed the original gastric bypass treatment. If they don’t know exactly how to perform it, there is nevertheless a good chance they can direct you to somebody who can. There is also the possibility you may have to travel out of area to identify a doctor or clinics that could perform the method.

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