The Lowdown On Battery Mobility Scooters

Battery mobility scooters have been the answer to transportation problems suffered by people who have lost their mobility power. Once on the scooter they are able to move about the house or the neighborhood with no problems. These units are very popular in today’s society and one sees them more and more every day in stores and other locations.

These scooters are available with 3 or 4 wheels, regular or heavy duty construction. Some are designed for specific areas such as indoors or outdoors. They are designed to have a long battery life, safe speeds and large tires. The majority of the units can be disassembled, placed inside a vehicle, and moved if desired.

The ease with which these scooters can be handled is amazing. In addition to be safe and adjustable, they have batteries that can easily be recharged overnight. The battery for this scooter is a 12ah and comes in two different types.

Scooter batteries are lead-acid and are available as a wet-cell or sealed unit. With the wet-cell battery one must continually check to make sure there is sufficient water in the unit. Also it is possible for water and acid to spill out should the battery be tipped.

The advantage of the dry-cell battery is that it is sealed and eliminates the necessity of having to check and add water. This type battery comes as an AGM (absorbed glass mat) and or a gel unit. The gel battery lasts the longest, however it must go through a number of cycles before being broke in.

People sometimes confuse their mobility scooter batteries with car batteries. Scooter batteries are designed to last for a long period of time and are called deep-cycle. This means that they slowly release their power before having to be recharged. A car battery on the other hand is designed for short spurts of power and must be constantly recharged. Severe damage can be suffered to battery mobility scooters if one tries to use a car battery instead of a regular one.

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