The Location Of The First Aid Kit Is Often Overlooked

It can be very annoying when you are looking for something in your office or home, know it has been put away somewhere safe, and are still unable to find it. Trying to find the first aid kit is sometimes like this, especially when it is needed in an emergency. Not being able to find it quickly will prevent prompt treatment.

Often it may be a case that a box has been assembled over time whilst others are custom designed units available from shops and specialist companies. Either option is fine and this is less important than knowing where it is located when required to deal with a medical crisis. This may appear straight forward, just a case of informing people, but it is a little more complicated than this.

Having quick access to first aid equipment may be critical in an urgent situation. A minor wound may not be time sensitive and merely require cleaning and a dressing. A deep wound resulting in severe bleeding may be serious and need pressure dressings urgently. This could become life threatening if time is wasted looking for bandages.

These are the reasons why it is important that first aid boxes be placed in easy to find locations to avoid any unnecessary delays. Clearly then all staff, if at work and members of the household at home need to be fully briefed regarding this location. Look carefully at the layout of the area where the equipment is to be stored. Determine any potential hazards like cooking and heating appliances that may be the source of injury, and select a location at a safe distance from these.

A handy location is particularly important in cars. Digging your well stocked box out from under the spare wheel, which in turn is under a whole lot of luggage in the trunk is a big no. A custom made bracket in the foot well with a quick release strap on the other hand is a definite yes. Remember, you might be the injured person and it is another motorist or passerby trying to locate the kit to help you.

Equally important as location is the contents. Manufacturers produce boxes to suit various applications such as a home, college, office or industrialized environment. It is difficult to say that one type is going to cover every users needs. So it is recommended that the contents are reviewed and if deemed necessary additional items sourced to cover specific requirements. The golden rule is to replace anything used immediately and regularly check the use by dates of drugs, replacing where necessary.

Consider having to deal with medical conditions that are known to exist like allergies or asthma amongst employees or family members. The incidence of infection from accidental exposure to bodily fluids is on the rise so those providing treatment need protecting too. This requires reliable gloves, one way resuscitation tubes and face visors.

Strangely some people become reassured by the fact that they have a First aid kit yet may have little or no idea how to use it. So while the locality and contents are important, it is just as essential to know how to use effectively. So registering for some classes is also a very good idea.

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