The Local Neighborhood Seo Technique

Local SEO is a new trend in search engine marketing because it can give you a great response. Given below are a few local SEO tips that can help you along the way.

One thing you can do to get as much as you can from local searches is to make sure you’re listed with the big names in the industry. This refers to Google Maps and Yahoo! Local. These are the two biggest in the industry, so listing with them should be your first priority before you move on to the next step. Your aim of listing with these huge names is to get more search engine traffic, which will help you realize your goals. Getting Google Maps to list you is actually quite simple. You simply fill out a tiny form and then they’ll either use your phone or email to have you verify your identity. After that verification process, you’ll usually have to wait about six weeks to see your site in the local search listings. Google and Yahoo! are very similar in their application process, only Yahoo! doesn’t require a verification. Yahoo! allows you to fully customize your listing any way you wish.

Try to put yourself in the frame of mind of one of your own customers when you plan your local SEO strategy. Before you can do SEO for your site, you have to get into the customer’s mind. You have to picture yourself as a prospect using a search engine to locate the kind of item you sell, and try to figure out exactly what they would type into the search field. If your store specialized in golf accessories, for example, you would try to picture how people would search for your products. If the searcher enters something like “golf” into the site’s search box, they aren’t looking for what you’re selling since this term is too generic. Other searchers may be looking for “golf instruction,” which isn’t related to what your store sells. Those who enter, “golf accessories,” however, are likely to be looking for what you have, so this is a good keyword to target. Business owners, who are looking out to drive local traffic, forget to go for these less popular keyword phrases that can bring in real sales. They focus instead on the keywords with the most searches and traffic but are very hard to rank for. The more you can think like a prospect, the better you can plan your SEO campaigns. As you start to learn which keywords work best for your campaigns, your website traffic will increase and you’ll start to rank well on more and more keyword phrases.

As a business, you should make sure that you’re posting an optimized Craigslist ad on a regular basis. This ad needs to be targeted directly towards your market. Be careful not to make your ad garish–simple is best. When you create an ad put a lot of effort into the title of the ad because that is what will catch the attention of people looking for your business. Your title needs to have your city, state and keyword phrase in it. You might think of your Craigslist ad as a landing page of sorts because, if you pay attention, you’ll see that often the ads on Craiglist are higher ranked than the websites they advertise. Most of the local websites out there have no problem with business owners asking clients and customers to post reviews (Yelp is one of these sites). Because this is allowed and you can benefit from it quite a bit, why not do it? Be sure to mention it every place you can (e-mail signature lines, contact forms, invoices and more). It doesn’t have to be hard, just a quick “we’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to review our companies website.” Even though you are not able to control any of the text in the reviews, whether you get good or bad reviews, having them online adds credibility to your business and makes you look more reliable to new customers. No matter what else you try to do, make sure you use this one tip because it has the potential to help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

If search engine optimization is something you’ve been doing for some time, you know that title tags need to be focused on. New marketers are quick to forget the importance of title tags, but they can actually help you achieve a higher ranking. If you’re going to focus on local SEO, you need to concentrate on your title tags. The best part about using local searches is that you don’t have as much competition as if you were going for the broader keywords.

Another local SEO strategy that generally gets ignored is that you should try and mention all the other locations that you’re serving in. You should write out every state, county and town that your business operates within. How will you do this well? If you just make a bullet list of places your ads won’t get a lot of attention from the search engines but if you mention them within the context of your content you should do okay. The reason for this is, you’re helping the search engines get more data about your activities and in what areas you’re functioning. This plays some role in helping you with your local SEO efforts. The main thing that you need to keep in mind when working with local SEO is not to ignore any of these small tips, which might look simple but they give great results on the long run.

Diversifying your anchor text is something you need to do. Every SEO marketer knows the value of long tail keywords and how they can help you rank better in the search engines and when you’re working with Local SEO, that’s exactly what you’re doing. This will give you the opportunity to work with the different anchor texts and that means that you should try to have a large variety of diversified anchor text to expand your reach. For instance, let’s suppose you have a local chocolate store, don’t just optimize for “New York Chocolate Store”. Be creative–there are other options available to you like “Chocolate Stores in Manhattan, New York” and “Chocolate Store in New York.” Don’t ever forget the value that search engines place on anchor texts; use as many different versions as you can think up to raise your rankings online.[youtube:6hi-2X09iHE?fs=1;[link:Backlink Building Service];]

You will also want to make sure every page your site has lists your address. This always impresses the search engines and they’ll rank you higher. What should you put in your address? You’ll need your business address, your telephone number and you’ll always want to make sure to list your zip code on every page your site has. This tells the search engines that you’re focused on local searches.

In summary: local search engine optimization does require some extra effort on your part but later on, when you have an easier time of reaching your target market, you’ll know the extra work has paid off.

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