The Linden Method – Scam Or The Real Thing?

The Linden Method was developed to treat a spectrum of disorders ranging from low-level nervousness and anxiety to full-blown panic attacks.Along this ‘anxiety spectrum’ are a whole host of related disorders, such as depression, OCD, eating disorders and a whole variety of phobias. These may range from social phobias all the way to a fear of dying. All are dealt with by Charles Linden in the Linden Method.

[The Linden Method]

The Linden Method is better known in Europe and Britain than in the United States. I imagine that a person from Britain wouldn’t even have asked that question, because the Linden Center is located in Britain. Anyone who thinks that this method is a scam probably isn’t aware that the Linden Center has been treating people with this method for years. In fact, in the 10+ years since the Linden Method was first introduced, over 80,000 people have used this to treat their panic attacks, anxiety, and phobia.

This isn’t just some online program that came out of nowhere. The Linden Center treats people in regular sessions. The online version is just a way for Charles Linden to reach more people around the world and offer them a self-help version of his method. Otherwise they would have to travel all the way to Britain and pay hundreds of British pounds to receive treatment at the Linden Center. So it’s far from being a scam. In fact, there are over 80,000 living proofs of that.

I started to avoid any situations that would put me in an anxious frame of mind and I became quite withdrawn and depressed. It’s fascinating, looking back, how each of the symptoms kind of snowball from one symptom to the next, from nervousness to nausea to anxiety to panic attack to depression, etc..

The Linden Method, created by Charles Linden, a long time sufferer with anxiety, OCD and panic disorder, has become a leading method with which to treat anxiety naturally. Having helped close to 150,000 people using his this method, Linden has built his program on years of experience – both his and other sufferers of anxiety – and created a unique plan for being able to cure your own anxiety. It might sound like every other “cure your own” deal out there, but the proof is in the number of people being helped to learn how to help themselves. It might not be for everyone, but it apparently works for many.

The course also includes free consultation via e-mail, so if there was anything I didn’t understand or need clarifying, I could ask and get a quick response, usually the same day.Having followed the course, I know the Linden treatment program isn’t a scam, but sometimes it can be hard to trawl through all the BS before you can truly trust a treatment program.

Visit the Linden Method site and avoid the hearsay on the web;By all means go online and get whatever tips and advice you can on your condition (but don’t just take one person’s advice, and look out for the fake ones.);Read the testimonials on the Linden Method website (rather than, say, the reviews on Amazon these have to be genuine by law, as I understand it.Read all other testimonials with a pinch of salt.If you do opt for either course, follow it wholeheartedly from beginning to end to get the maximum benefit from it. Any don’t be afraid to use their help systems if you have any questions along the way.

The main point of focus in the Linden Method is through using neuroplasticity to train yourself out of anxious behaviors. Through explanation of how anxiety occurs – a reaction that starts in the amygdala, a tiny organ in the brain – and what can be done to stop the amygdala from causing anxiety, is the basis of neuroplasticity. With Linden’s instructions, anxiety sufferers are able to re-program their amygdala with neuroplasticity, basically teaching their brain not to start the whole reaction process.

The amygdala – the controller of moods and our emotional responses to things – interprets our daily stress and creates the appropriate reaction for us to be able to deal with that stress. However, if stress becomes too severe, panic mode sets in. This is good, when it happens the way it is supposed to! We want to be in panic mode to respond to things such as dangers, emergencies and other high-adrenaline situations; we also need the ability to be able to turn off the response, too.

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