The Law of Attraction – What Is It And Why Is It So Misunderstood?

It really is interesting to see how much discussion there is nowadays about the Law of Attraction, and how few people really know about what it is all about. The fact is the Law of Attraction is not some magic spell you can simply cast and the things you want start happening in your life right away.

It is not that you say to yourself “I’m a Billionaire” 500 times a day and see money start to pour into your life just the way you want it to. If the Law of Attraction was really that simple, everyone would be happy, have everything we wanted, and the world as a much better place for all of us.

It seems the reason for the confusion is because people have different levels of understanding about what the Law of Attraction means. The most common definition pretty much goes something like this – “If you really believe with all your heart that something should happen, it will happen because the universe will provide it for you.”

Now this interpretation is pretty simple, but it’s obvious that for many people it raises more questions than it answers. These are questions like “Does The Law Of Attraction only deliver things we really want and think about regularly? Or are there things we don’t really want that much also going to happen if we accidentally think about them intently?

So we can answer these kinds f questions, it’s really important to understand what the Law of Attraction really says. Regardless of all the various ways the Law of Attraction has been defined, we can easily break it down to these 4 elements:-

1 – We have to know exactly what we want to achieve.

2 – We must create a process of thinking about what we want, and start repeatedly and passionately asking the universe to give us that outcome.

3 – We must visualize a situation in which we already have the thing or outcome we desire, and we must actually start to live that reality.

4 – And finally we need to put other things that might happen our of our minds and only focus on having the outcome we want.

By taking these 4 elements on board and them applying the Law of Attraction to our lives, it really can have a profound effect. That’s why it pays to understand and learn how to implement the law, because you really can make the changes you want to see happen in your life.

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