The Issue With Prescription Drug Use

Prescription drugs have become a large part of our culture in just the last few years. Doctors are prescribing them to patients more than ever. This has led to the rise of young people abusing prescription drugs. It is very easy for someone to either sell or buy prescription drugs on the streets. This is causing a growing health concern, as many young people are ending up in the hospital after overdosing on these powerful prescription drugs. It is important that we educate people more on the inherent dangers of prescription drug addiction. If you suspect someone you know has developed a problem with prescription drugs, it is important that they get a prescription addiction detox as soon as they possibly can.

Common Problem

One of the best ways to combat people abusing prescription drugs is by educating them at an early age about the dangers of drug abuse. These drugs are only meant to be taken in the correct dosage and with the supervision of a medical professional. When an individual self-administers these types of drugs it can be very dangerous. They could have allergic reactions or accidental overdoses. Thankfully, young people have more access to information than ever before in our history. They know when we are telling the truth and when we are lying to them. It is a good idea to be upfront with young people about the dangers of prescription drugs. A drug abuse is a serious issue.


Prescription drug abuse is prevalent in our society. There are plenty of examples of movies and television shows making fun of the problem by showing characters that are funny and down pills like they are skittles. The problem with this depiction is that they never talk about the serious health risks that go with prescription drug abuse. It is far too easy for individuals to underestimate the risk they are taking when they abuse prescription drugs. Many people die every single year from prescription drug abuse, yet no one seems to want to talk about it. Until we get serious about educating people on the dangers of prescription drug abuse, the problem won’t be going away anytime soon.


Research shows that the best way to educate young people, in this age of information, is by speaking to them honestly abut adult problems. By talking candidly to young people at a young age about the risks they are taking by abusing prescription drugs we will have a much better chance of keeping them from trying the drugs recreationally in the first place. It is also crucial to tell people that these drugs, when taken the correct way, are very beneficial for many people who suffer from various ailments.


There are many other reasons why prescription drug abuse is so dangerous. Generally, when an individual starts abusing prescription drugs they will have incredibly impaired judgment. This could cause them to make other bad decisions that could end up with them hurt or in jail. Drinking with prescription drugs is also something that is very dangerous and has led to many high profile deaths recently.

A detoxing from prescriptions is one of the first things an individual with a drug addiction should undergo. By educating young people about the dangers associated with prescription drug abuse, we will have a much better chance at lowering the number of people who develop a drug addiction.

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