The Importance Of Going To The Dentist

Adults and children need to go to the dentist regularly. It is recommended that people go every six months. It is heard over and over about the importance of doing this. The most fundamental reason is to make sure that your teeth, as well as gums, are staying healthy and that you are keeping up proper dental habits between visits to the dental office.

Proper dental hygiene starts with a person’s own habits. Everyone needs to brush their teeth, as well as floss, two times every day. It is best to do this in the morning after waking up and then again before bedtime. If a person can do so again after lunch, this is even better. Brushing your teeth gets rid of tartar and plaque, which can builds up on the teeth and can cause teeth to rot over time if not removed.

It is vital that a person goes to the dentist two times annually to see if there is anything wrong with his teeth. At the appointment, the dental assistant will clean the patient’s teeth. The dentist will then thoroughly examine the patient’s teeth to look for holes, also called cavities.

If there is a cavity in the tooth, they will put in a metal or porcelain filling so that the cavity will not grow any larger. This is critical. If the tooth decays more, the hole could grow larger, leading to tooth breakage, which would mean the tooth could eventually break and could possibly have to be removed.

Another thing that could happen if a cavity is not filled is that the individual could get an abscess, which is caused by bacteria inside the tooth that occurs from untreated cavities or cracks in the tooth. Preventive measures with a professional will take care of a person’s teeth and avoid all of these problems easily.

Sometimes, though, a person’s dental anxiety is so intense that they are not able to resolve it easily. There are ways of dealing with it still. Many dental offices offer sedation dentistry. This will give the patient a gentle sedative while work is being done on their mouths, even for simple cleanings. If a patient does not want to go the medication route, they can use more natural means of hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

Another problem that dentists discover when examining people’s teeth is the wear caused by the patients grinding their teeth at night in their sleep. This is called bruxism. Many people who experience it do not realize that it is happening until they have their teeth looked at. To prevent further damage to their teeth, the dentist can custom fit a mouth guard for the patient to wear at night. This will keep the patient from grinding their teeth and further damaging the enamel.

For younger patients, there are frequently pictures on the ceiling that they can look at while laying back in the examination chair. There are usually a nice toy or coloring book reward at the end of every visit, as well as a new toothbrush to bring home. Children can learn to love going to the dental office.

If a person needs a referral for a reliable dentist, it is a good idea to ask friends or family for a recommendation. Many people have dental phobias and can suggest a gentle dentist who will take the time to make patients at east. It is important to take the time to find someone who listens to what is needed so the patient feels comfortable. It is vital for the future of a person’s dental hygiene.

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