The Importance Of Furnishing A Drug Free Workplace

One of the highest costs in any business can be caused by employee drug use. When this occurs there is a reduction in production and accidents as well as constant mistakes that must be corrected. This substance abuse is often well disguised and that is why drug testing in your Houston company is so important.

Because no one wants to go on a witch hunt and single out an employee regarding this problem, care must be taken to make sure there is not an unwarranted accusation that they are using drugs. This kind of a suspicion can be very counterproductive. With a routine substance abuse testing policy will not make any worker feel they are being singled out.

When a job applicant is interviewed it is a very simple matter to inform them of the company’s drug free policy. At that time they can be presented with a schedule for the year as to when the tests will be given. This might be once or twice a year. In addition, companies are finding special training classes are very effective.

To protect employees, a company is expected to provide surroundings that are healthy and safe. In addition, having a congenial working area will add to the overall pleasant working arena. When there are substance users on the scene there can be many problems in this area.

Any enterprise that engages employees has the right to expect that each one will put their efforts toward doing a good job and performing to the best of their ability. This combination will produce an excellent result of high production as well as a pleasant atmosphere. To fulfill their working requirements these workers have a right to expect to work in a drug free area.

The reluctance of some business owners to enter into such a program is understandable as they do not want to be personally involved. This is no longer necessary. Today it is possible to have a mobile testing unit come on the premises, take the tests and immediately present the results. This is especially convenient as it allows the immediate dismissal of a person found to be a user. There is no need for severance pay and other such expenses.

When looking for ways to set up such a program information can be found on the U. S. Department of Labor Internet website. On that site you will find fact sheets, a guide, and brochures regarding exactly how to formulate such a site. Statistics show that a drug user’s ability to produce is 1/3 less than the rest of the employees. Over time this can cause a huge loss in productivity.

An examination of the statistics regarding absenteeism show that this equals an almost 40% drop in production. In addition approx 50% of Workman’s Comp and 40% of on-the-job accidents is caused by drug abuse. This can be fatal if the business is operating on a narrow margin. This is especially hard on people that deal with heavy objects. This is why it is so important to have drug testing in your Houston company.

Discover how mobile drug testing can save your business a lot of money and boost workplace productivity, today. You can find more information about a reputable company that provides Houston drug testing services, now.

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