The Home Remedy For Hemorrhoids To Know About

Hemorrhoid are a trouble which attacks the anus and rectum part of the body. The pregnant women face this problem due to the enlarging of uterus and secretion of progesterone hormone. They adversely affect the cushions which are a help in defecation. Prolonged sitting and standing is another reason of its occurrence. Thus the irritation and agony during the bowel movements is usually seen by the patients.

Hemorrhoids are known to cause a lot of discomfort in the form of pain, swelling, itching and burning sensation. The hemorrhoids are can be further divided in two kinds- internal and external hemorrhoids. There are few differences between the internal and external hemorrhoids are the location and the look of the hemorrhoids. It is due to the excessive strain forced on the anus and rectum of the patient s body. The internal hemorrhoids are not visible all the time and the external ones are fairly visible. It is very important to firstly distinguish whether you are going through internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids. There are many home remedies and treatments available for the hemorrhoids. Things may aggravate when the bleeding takes place.

Home Remedy For Hemorrhoids can be explained as following

Aloe vera for hemorrhoids: Aloe vera is one of the best herbs encountered for the healing of hemorrhoids effectively. It is usually applied in the form of creams, lotions or can be even taken as a beverage. The aloe vera natural product has all the properties which are good enough to put on the hemorrhoids and get rid of it. The swelling and irritation due to piles is reduced after its usage as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces the aching and itching in the anus part during bowel movements effectively.

The young part of branches should not be taken but just the bark and seeds of the plant. The sufferers just need to take some gel off the plant and apply it on the anus that is where the hemorrhoids are located. Aloe vera gel is known to be a great reliever. The horse chestnut applied as compress is helpful in fighting with the inflammation directed due to the problem of hemorrhoids. It is the most effective herb known for the cure of piles in an effective manner.

The mode of External Hemorrhoid Treatment is depicted as following

Sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids: There are many surgeries available for the treatment of hemorrhoids out of which sclerotherapy is one. It is one of the medications available for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It can help the patient with the pain and the bleeding problems caused by the piles. The hemorrhoids will fall off completely after they shrink. This treatment has been known to be very efficient for patients who were suffering from hemorrhoids. In the place of hemorrhoid now a scar will come. It has to be applied as a thin layer over the portion where the hemorrhoids are causing excruciating pain to the patient. The burning sensation in the hemorrhoids vanishes as soon as it is applied. A Sitz bath is also very suitable for stopping the ache and relaxes you from the troubles you have been having prior and post the operation then.

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