The Health Risks of Being Overweight

The pace of the lives we lead today has a lot to do with the type of food we eat.

Most times we grab something to eat in between meetings, racing from one client to the next or, as most of us have a habit of doing, going without a proper meal, just grabbing a cup of coffee, which helps to reduce the hunger pangs.  

All this, and many more factors contribute to those extra pounds / kilograms that most of us gain over time.  

Let’s look at how a fat cell behaves.

Fat cells have a physical limit and once it reaches a certain size it starts to create spin-offs. So as you grow fatter, your fat cell number starts doubling and trebling. The worst part of this fat cell double up is that you do not get rid of those fat cells again, ever.

You are stuck with them for life.

So lesson number one, think twice before you put that next bite of junk food in your mouth.  

Read the next set of scary facts and make the change.

Top Health Risks 

The likelihood of developing heart disease increases to over 50%.

This is a direct result of the likelihood that you would in all probability develop high blood pressure (70%) and cholesterol above 250 (50%).  

Other factors to consider; you are over 300% more likely to develop diabetes and/or oesophageal cancer and the probability of developing stomach cancer is over 120%?

Your chances of suffering a stroke also increase significantly if you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.  

Have you ever wondered why you are so tired when you are overweight? Being overweight could cause sleep apnoea (interrupted breathing during sleeping).

Lack of sleep can influence your productivity at work, your family life, car accidents etc.  

Make the choice today to improve your quality of life and build your knowledge of the good food list.

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Start now and change your life.

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