The Health Benefits Of Guava

The health benefits of guava fruit is one of the main reasons why people love the fruit. Some people normally eat guavas for aesthetic purposes because it helps with skin care and weight loss. The seasonal fruit is very popular in Asia and parts of Africa where it grows freely in the wild, but some people have started growing it for commercial purposes. When ripe, guavas normally have a maroon or yellow outer and a pinkish inner flesh. The fleshy inner part also has many small seeds.

The amount and concentration of nutrients contained in the guava fruit is the main reason why fitness enthusiasts and nutritionist refer to it as the super-fruit. Guavas have high concentrations of minerals, vitamins, proteins and roughage. When these fruits are grown, no chemical pesticide or fertilizer is used, so they are considered organic. Nutritionists from all over the world recommend this fruit.

High blood pressure can be treated by regular consumption of this super-fruit. Moreover, guavas are known to increase the fluidity of blood. This can help to prevent thickening of blood from occurring. The unique properties of guavas can also help to lower blood sugar content. This will help to bring down blood pressure to healthy levels.

While ripe fruits are known to have some astringent properties, this property is normally strongest in raw or immature guavas. This can help to keep viral infections, coughs and cold at bay throughout the year. It can also reduce the amount of mucus in the respiratory system. By disinfecting the throat and lungs, the astringent property of guavas help to get rid of most respiratory infections. Therefore, regular consumption of guavas is strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to achieve good health.

Dysentery and diarrhea can be treated by guavas. The super fruit has strong astringent properties. Since astringents also have antibacterial properties, the fruit can help to inhibit microbial activity and get rid of excessive mucus in the digestive tract. This will cure both dysentery and diarrhea.

Guavas are packed with essential nutrients, fibers and roughage. When eaten wholly, guavas can keep hunger pangs at bay. This can make a person lose a significant amount of weight very fast because of the lower calorie intake. Since guavas are packed with essential nutrients and minerals, and free of less digestible carbohydrates, they are the perfect weight loss remedy. People who are thin can also increase their weight by taking the fruit on a regular basis.

Constipation problems can be treated by regular intake of guavas. The seeds of the fruit, if ingested wholly or after chewing, acts as a laxative. This property, combined with the high fiber content of the super-fruit make guavas the perfect cleansing agents. It can clean the excretory and digestive systems thoroughly, and put a stop to constipation, which is known to cause a wide range of other health complications.

The health benefits of guava fruit are appreciated the world over. Apart from treating the above illnesses, the fruit can also reduce the risk of cancer, heal wounds, cure toothaches and protect the prostate. Guavas can be purchased locally during its high season in Asia and Africa.

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