The Fact That Most Persons Do Not Know About Breast Malignancy

The procedures of treating breast cancer through either radiotherapy or chemotherapy usually render the breast rather prone to becoming very receptive. Hence, when a spouse touches the breast it causes pain and discomfort to the woman.

If you have undergone breast cancer treatment, it is very crucial you pay constant visits to your gynecologist during the procedure and even after the treatment. This is important because it will help to prevent you from having problem of cervical cancer and atrophy of the vagina. Meat and dairy products are known to increase estrogen content of the human system. Estrogen is a known risk increasing factor of breast cancer. You cannot be asked to stay away from these food materials as they are good sources of protein which is essential for the body, but limiting the consumption of these products may help you prevent breast cancer.

Some people hold it has a conviction that waxing or shaving the armpit contributes to having breast cancer problems. So far these claims are false in that there are no scientific proofs to back them. Hence, you should not worry about these rumors they are unfounded and can only spoil your fun.

Do you know that the heavier and taller you are the higher the risk of your having breast cancer? However, the risk reduces with the number of children you have. Hence the faster you get pregnant the less your risk of having breast cancer this is because nursing greatly to serves to lower the risk of having breast cancer.

Women tend to be diagnosed with breast cancer these days because they prefer to have fewer children and hardly get pregnant. Little wonder there are rampant diagnosis of breast cancer. Are your shocked?

Most women do not know that sexual inactivity can result to having breast cancer. Not being sexually active may result to a woman’s inability to get pregnant. The classes of women that are mostly at risk of having breast cancer are the ones that celibate. This is probable because they may not get to be pregnant.

Scientific investigations are still being conducted to ascertain the impact of diet in breast cancer. Scientists have been able to establish that there is strong correlation between high fatty foods and the risk of breast cancer. They found that breast cancer hardly exists when there is low fat diet and this is conversely so.

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