The Drawbacks And Benefits Of Joining A Gym

For people who need to focus on their fitness, joining a gym is better. Still, there are people who decided on quitting and get themselves exercising alone. Now, why do you think these people join a gym and why do others do not ever consider joining a gym? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of joining a gym.

Advantages of joining a gym:

In gym, you have the access on advanced quality equipments than what you can’t afford. There are a lot of varieties of dumbbells, barbells, cardio machines, weight lifting machines, and other equipments needed for your exercise. Other gyms have provisions for pools, basketball courts, and other areas for sports activities. Having a lot of available equipments will prevent you from being bored of practicing the same workout daily. Because of the availability of facilities for several workouts, you can execute a lot of exercise for your routine.

In gym, there are available trainers, staffs, and other members that you can consult about your activities. Professionals such as dieticians, gym instructors, physical therapist, yoga instructors, bodybuilders, and aerobic teachers are available in gym. You can ask them on how to exercise and use the facilities properly and have a good diet for your training .

Joining a gym is advisable than to have your personal gym at home. Equipments for a gym are too pricey that will cost you a great deal of money. As long as the gym is near your place or work place, joining here is good.

Drawbacks of joining a gym:

The greatest disadvantage of joining a gym is the high price. Apart from membership fee, there is also a regular fee. Then there is also an additional bill when hiring a personal trainer. Other gyms also bill for parking lots and use of locker rooms.

Then there is an issue of time and distance. An spare time to travel just to go to a gym requires a lot of effort, most particularly for working people.

Sometimes, the availability of equipments is also a doubt. If there are a lot of people in a gym, there might be competition in using some equipments.

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