The Diet Solution Program Review

I actually used The Diet Solution Program myself, and really can’t help but recommend it to others! It’s a really easy to use weight loss program, but it doesn’t stop there. It also provides exercise routines, recipes, shopping lists, and various daily meal plans.

After extensive study of nutrition and exercise physiology, Isabel started her own health and wellness clinic in New Jersey. She’s also published a number of works. Her philosophy is grounded in personal experience with excess weight. Her mother’s diabetes also prompted her to find the best possible nutritional solutions. The Diet Solution Program encapsulates 15 years of study along those lines.

A major emphasis of De Los Rios’ method is controlling insulin levels to lose weight. Fluctuation of blood sugar levels and insulin cause weight gain. Diabetes researchers have learned much about which foods and food combinations cause weight gain or loss. The Diet Solution Program suggests that one you learn how to get out of these fluctuation patterns, weight loss comes quickly. This will greatly encourage people who are weary of programs that just don’t yield long-term results.

But beyond providing a method, The Diet Solution Program simply educates readers about the relationship of foods to their body. It explains issues related to organic food, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, etc. It will probably also shock you at points as many familiar diet techniques and “health” food choices are exposes as myths.

I’ve lost weight just by changing my eating habits as suggested. De Los Rios’ advice is grounded in common sense. There’s no quirky trick to this plan – it’s comprehensive and helps people broadly understand the right way to eat. For people who are serious about losing weight, this resource is an incredible gift!

That’s exactly where The Diet Solution Program picks up. It teaches how to discover your metabolic type. And that is the key step in helping you create a unique plan, which will work for you personally. You’ll create and stick to a weight loss plan that is catered to your body type. There won’t be those frustrating questions of “Why isn’t this working for me?”

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