The Convention of Full Body Medical Arts

Holistic medicine is the practice of utilizing natural treatments and therapies to restore the health of the body. There are many different branches of holistic medicine that have been practiced since the beginning of time. Many of these practices have not been studied in detail by Western medical science. Many of these practices are increase seen in popularity as people demand more natural treatments to their ailments.

Each culture throughout the world had different theories of medical healing. Many of these practices have not been validated through studies by scientific medical methods. It is certainly not because they are invalid, but because of economics. Undertaking a large study takes a lot of money and requires a way to recuperate this investment.

Holistic medicine is a rather broad descriptive term for a healing philosophy. Holistic medicine includes healing traditions that promote the protection and restoration of health based on a systems perspective of the body. This is the foundation of many of the traditional medical practices throughout the world.

One of the top health problems in the United States is back pain. It is estimated that over $50 billion a year is spent on the treating and diagnosing of back related problems. Chiropractors have grown tremendously in this market for treating the spine. Insurance companies are now beginning to cover many of these chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic doctors are trained in natural treatments of back related problems. These types of doctors can trace their roots back to the ancient Egyptians. Since those times, many of the techniques have been upgraded and modified to increase their efficiency. Chiropractors all the use natural treatments to restore the health of the spine and do not make prescriptions.

Another popular form of alternative medicine using holistic techniques is massage therapy. Massage therapy uses certain movements and pressures to help soothe and relax the body. It has been found to be effective to relieve discomfort, pain, aches and muscle tension. There are a variety of massage techniques which have different benefits depending on the use.

To important schools of medical practice originate around the use of acupoints. Ancient Chinese medical practitioners used acupoints to help restore health and the body. Acupoints were stimulated either using needles or through the application of pressure and movements. These were found to promote health and restore healing in the body.

Acupressure uses pressure and movement on the acupoints. Acupuncture requires the use of needles to be placed directly into the acupoints. The acupoints do not have any nerve receptacles and are not painful when a needle is inserted. Acupressure uses specific movements to help stimulate the acupoints.

It is interesting to see how fast many of these traditional treatments are being integrated into Western medical practices. Many doctors are realizing the benefits of many of these holistic therapies. They are being used to supplement the treatments already been provided or as an alternative to surgery. This is an important step to bring a better balance of medical service to everybody.

A better balance is now being struck between Western medical science and traditional holistic medicine. For almost a century, Western medicine has shunned traditional medicine. Now it is beginning to be integrated as valid practices. Many of these practices simply have not been studied to date.

Alternative medical treatments and holistic medicine are being accepted increasingly by the medical insurance industry. This is an important step forward for these treatments. Chiropractic medicine is leading the way as the more high profile and increasingly validated form of holistic medicine.

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