The Causes Of Anti Aging And How It Makes Us Look Old

Until someone has found the fountain of youth, the human race is still going to be afflicted with getting old. Our body becomes less supple, our skin starts to sag. This situation is most undesirable for many people and that is why there are pioneers who are working on all sorts of anti aging remedies today.

It is a fact that most of us would love to look younger. There is of course plastic surgery and botox injections, but these are temporary fixes. The question that many people want answered is what causes our skin to loose its elasticity. Many people say that the answer is our attitude toward life in general. The more you worry, the more you age. This has not been clinically proven, so the jury is still out on this matter.

We age in two different ways. Some people age early because they have inherited those genes from their parents. This is natural and we cannot do anything about. Then there is the unnatural way which is self-inflicted by our lifestyles. The latter can be reversed by addressing areas of our life. We can stop eating the wrong foods, we can stop exposing our skin to the sun for too long, we can stop drinking excessively and we can stop smoking. We can start exercising more often and we can learn to relax.

Most people fall into the last category unfortunately, but the good news is that these factors can be reversed, unlike those that are afflicted with an inheritance of quick aging genes. If you have a good look at what you are doing wrong, then you might be able to stop your body from getting old unnaturally fast.

You need to eat plenty of fresh foods and stay away from processed junk foods. Cut out sugar and saturated fats. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated. With all the new nutrients such as minerals and vitamins you get from fresh vegetables and fruit, your body will rectify and slow down the aging process in time.

Your face needs to be washed, cleansed, toned and moisturized every night before you go to bed and the same must be done every morning. A good anti aging cream will help you look younger in a matter of weeks. Allow yourself to relax more often so that your facial muscles get time to relax and your wrinkles stay away for longer.

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