The Bulk Building Workout (day 3) Muscle Building program

Discover How To Build Muscle and Six Pack Abs at Here Are The 5 WORST Things you Can Do If You Want To Build Muscle & Get A World Class Six Pack Abs Body. 1. Almost all bodybuilding supplements DON’T WORK and are a complete joke and only make a 5% difference ASSUMING your diet and training plan are in order. In just a second, I’ll give you a nutritional advantage and tell you exactly what does work. 2. Traditional bodybuilding programs would lead you to believe …

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  1. samsterlok says:

    I’d like to see more arm/forearm & upper back workout routines & exercises. Good job brother, subscribed!

  2. memyselfandIplus3 says:

    please and thank you 🙂

  3. memyselfandIplus3 says:

    can u make a workout for people with fat in their stomach, n a way to get rid of their beer belly

  4. dda030582 says:

    Legs have a nathural growth hormone in them that is released when u work them. In short u wanna get big? LEGS LEGS LEGS!

  5. dda030582 says:

    Whens Day4? I need it by Sat plz! I’m using it for a client! lol

  6. I allready have my muscles dry muscles but still very pumped up, by only doing 7 months Kung Fu lessons..

    Ill be still able to move fast and having hugh muscles at the same time..

  7. ssopariwala says:

    I hope i become ripped as u r now man im so glad i got ur workout im ready to work lol

  8. aldoivan16 says:

    lower chest. thats what i focus on when doin the pullover.. i may be wrong tho.

  9. full range movements is needed for a good stretch and pump, ive realise that makes a huge difference.

  10. VinceDelMonte says:

    Good conversation guys… like to see all the positivity and excitement.

  11. piratelord99 says:

    Why are your workouts mainly for legs??

  12. transplant07 says:


    can do a exercise vid with the ball

  13. htaehxela says:

    you can get stiff leg deadlifts which give a better stretch on the hamstrings an glutes and the traditional

  14. yea, just a little so that it does not strain your ligaments man 🙂

  15. plmason12 says:

    o. :p so im supposed to have them bent a little?

  16. plmason12 says:

    yeah i know but im talking about working the back

  17. nice vince keep it up

  18. smoothpimpsta says:

    @plmason12 then you would be leaning over and lifting the bar with your back, not your legs.

  19. you’re not supposed to lock them straight either bro 🙂

  20. ZAFCENTER says:

    I have to agree with many of the other posters that nutrition is key and is often overlooked as the main reason for poor results. I also join with others in calling for a nutrition video to complement these excellent workout videos.

  21. lexington9999 says:

    What should I focus on when doing pullove rs? It seems this would work my lats more than anything else??

  22. plmason12 says:

    what kinds is there?

  23. mattyoung92 says:

    8-12 reps is generally the hypertrophy rep range and has been proven, but people need to realize is its like vince has stated before there’s a time and place for everything there is no golden rep range,frequency, intensity, if there was then wed all be doing the same thing.

    listen to your body and see what works for you

  24. TheSupervegeta01 says:

    can you do biceps and triceps beause i don’t have triceps please help me

  25. BJJANDKARATE says:

    u can do this workout a still get no gains. you need to friggen eat 6 meals a day with protein, not many people have good nutrition and they blame it on the workout

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