The Best Unusual Tie Knots For Men

Some men are really troubled when it comes to tying a necktie. Many of them will admit that they know only one or two tie knots. In general, one or two tie knots are quite enough to use every day for work or business meetings.

But sometimes we get tired of wearing one and the same tie knot every day. Of course, the knots such as four-in-hand, or simple double or half-Windsor are the timeless classic, but let’s consider some new, fresh and unique tie knots that can make your day.

One of the popular knots now is the Eldredge knot named after its author, Mr. Jeffrey Eldredge. The Eldredge knot looks very extraordinary and beautiful. Its form resembles a maiden’s braid in structure though it keeps a traditional triangular shape. Tying the Eldredge knot is not very easy and it requires some practice. But if you try it a couple of times and finally succeed in tying it, you’ll be surprised at how many compliments and attention you’ll get. Just remember that you can use only solid color or small pattern ties for tying this knot. Plaid, Paisely or striped ties don’t work with the Eldredge knot as they reduce the visual appearance of this amazing knot.

Men who strive for originality but keep to the classics in mind may consider the Atlantic tie knot. Looking impressive and flamboyant, the Atlantic knot is a perfect fit for any event, except, perhaps, the Nobel Awards ceremony or an audience with the President. It compliments almost all types of collars, just avoid wide spread and cutaway collars.

Or you may want to try the Christensen knot, which has an unusual cruciform structure. It is a perfect tie knot for men who have a broad neck because it makes the neck visually slimmer. Use thin or narrow ties made of silk or polyester for tying these types of knots.

One more knot which is deemed traditional but bold and eye-caching is the Onassis knot. It is named after the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. In fact, he tied a simple four-in-hand knot but instead of pulling the wide end down, he pulled it inwards and then threw it over the knot. The Onassis knot became very popular and is still one of the favorite tie knots of many famous people, especially, showmen, sportsmen and TV hosts.

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