The Best Type Of Indoor Tanning Lotions

Every one of us needs a bit of help when it comes to achieving a good tan, and we’ve all more than likely experienced the effects that a bad tanning lotion can bring. Such effects as the orange knees, palms and fingertips that come from a lotion that doesn’t spread well, or tan evenly when you apply it. These are not attractive results.

How do you find an indoor tanning lotion that doesn’t have bad effects, and what are the best indoor tanning lotions that you can buy? The occasional wedding or event that takes place in the heat of the summer, that you don’t want to dress unbearably warm in panty hose and heels, the casual beach party are all going to be reasons why you may need to have not only a tan, but a good tan that doesn’t streak, or look orange or copper. One of the things that is most important when using an indoor tanning lotion is to achieve a natural look, and some lotions simply don’t offer anything remotely approaching natural.

Advances in chemistry and technology mean that manufacturers produce tanning lotion that are specific to our needs. There are special lotions for facial tanning while others are meant specifically for the legs. There are bronzers, tingle lotions, and hybrids that contain both bronzing and tingling properties. There is also an abundance of sunscreens, from regular SPF lotions to lip balms to sunscreen specifically designed for protecting tattoos.

Some of the best quality indoor tanning lotions on the market today provide an actually synthetic tan, using a melanin synthesis that promotes a natural looking tan, and lets it fade naturally too as your ‘real’ tan might do. A good quality lotion will also spread on evenly and thus prevent an orange streaky look.

Among the best indoor tanning lotions, Designer Skin’s ‘Bombshell’ is enriched with natural ingredients such as soy, white tea and CoQ, which has earned it the place among the best and most gentle natural tanning lotions on the market today.

‘Dark Tan Accelerator’ by Australian Gold is one of those which not only creates a tan of its own, but helps to accelerate the tanning process outside. It does not streak, fades evenly as a natural tan, and earns its place among the best indoor tanning lotions.

‘Tanisum’ by Supre is also one of the best of the best when it comes to designer lotion. It is a dark tanning lotion as well as a moisturizer that provides some advanced care in tanning by using a tan maximizer and synthesizing melanin to create its tan. The lotion also contains a superior moisturizer and helps to promote good healthy skin and defy the aging that the sun can cause.

When it comes to indoor tanning lotions you would be wise to take a look around and read the ingredients and brochures. You will need to take a bit of time to find the right lotion for your skin type but they are out there and they do provide a natural tan at a reasonable price.

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