The Best Treatments For Leaky Gut

Altered intestinal permeability or also known as leaky gut syndrome is a condition wherein your intestinal lining becomes porous so undigested foods and toxins will go to your bloodstream. There are now numerous treatments for leaky gut for you.

Substances that could irritate your intestinal lining should be discarded because it could lead to leaky gut syndrome. Along with those substances are alcohol, caffeine, pesticide or insecticide residue, food additives, spicy foods and drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin and also antacids.

Lean meats, fishes, poultry, beans, tofu and grains are very rich in glutamine which is an amino acid. Glutamine is needed for the production of intestinal mucous and Secretary Immunoglobulin Type A to be able for your leaky gut to heal. Continuous intake of glutamine could really help in faster recovery or healing of the lining of your intestinal wall. Glutamine is available in all drug stores in a form of capsule and its name is l-glutamine. It should range between 5 to 20g per day.

Another nutrient is vitamin A and it helps in the production of antibodies in your GI tracts. It will keep the mucosa of your intestine healthy and it also reduces that inflammation. Daily dosage of vitamin A is 20,000 to 25,000 IU’s per day.

Zinc intake will maintain the integrity of your intestinal lining and it will heal your leaky gut if your condition advanced to Crohn’s disease. You are only allowed to take zinc for 50 to 80mg a day only because if you took more than 100mg a day it will hold back your immune function.

There are 2 types of fiber and those are soluble and insoluble. If you take soluble fiber, it can aggravate your condition, whereas insoluble fiber can decrease the permeability of your gut. Foods that are rich in insoluble fiber are cabbage, celery, beets, asparagus, corn, seeds, wheat and whole grains. The foods that are rich in soluble fiber that should be avoided and those are psyllium and bran.

A supplement called the N-Acetyl-Glucosamine which is a combination of amino acid and glucose and it is also known as amino-sugar. It facilitates in the mucus secretion for the protection of your gut lining. It is very necessary for the formation of the glutathione which is the main detoxifying chemical and it is as well a very strong antioxidant and detoxifier. 500 to 1000mg is the recommended daily allowance.

Seacure is a peptide supplement which is a building block of protein. It is a very effective treatment for leaky gut because it stimulates the gut wall to regenerate.

There were herbs that could treat your leaky gut and the first is the deglycyrrhizinated licorice which has a powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on your GI tract. Another one is the silymarin or milk thistle and it has an anti-inflammatory effect also and is a very good antioxidant and increases levels of glutathione.

Slippery elm has a soothing and calming effect on the inflammation and damage on your gut lining. It also provides mucilage that coats and protects the intestinal lining from toxins and pathogenic organisms. Aloe vera is another herb that could reduce the inflammation of your intestinal lining and not only that, because it is also an immunomodulator and antimicrobial. Lactobacillus caseii var GG is a strain of lactobacilli that helps improves the hyperpermeability.

People were always dealing with so many stressors and this may lead to acquiring a leaky gut syndrome that’s why you should do stress reduction programs or procedures. Those are self hypnosis, biofeedback, breathing technique, meditations and listening to a specially prepared sound frequency for meditation and many more. These listed treatments could help you in your faster healing and recovery of your leaky gut syndrome.

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