The Best Core Workout For Six Pack Abs

Discover How To Build Muscle and Get Six Pack Abs at Learn the best core strength exercises and core stability exercises. These are also excellent lower back exercises to add to your core workouts and overall core strengthening. Find Out The 5 WORST Things you Can Do If You Want To Build Muscle & Get Six Pack Abs By Visiting The Link Below

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  1. Turok2evil says:

    dude breathe !

  2. Do we have to do a “Popeye face” to make sure it works….?

  3. ShadysAftermath88 says:

    that’s probably because you’re a fat ass at heart.. some of us need more protein and its hard to eat more than 4-5 meals a day so I drink a protein shake because its easier and I can.

  4. Nice, thanks man!

    haha, the last one is called Hitler dog in my country.

  5. MikeEves1 says:

    I agree. Just eat as naturally as possible, train hard with intensity, purpose and with full body compound exercises. There’s no silver bullet and drinking protein shakes with every meal ‘aint going to get you ripped (despite what the SALES & MARKETING copy says!)

  6. openuniverse2003 says:

    Allegedly, high protein diet makes the blood acidic. To get the blood back to “normal” pH, it pulls calcium out of the bones. That is apparently why Westerners, with a high protein diet, have so much osteoporosis, whereas Orientals have very little osteoporosis.

  7. valetdabess says:

    wow… look at his boobs.

    i only have 5kg weights man shit

  8. remediesragna says:

    you’re such a great men!!! thumbs up!!

  9. fear241318 says:

    he’s out of shape.. and you can’t hold your breath when you workout cause it like your tireing yourself out before you even get started.

  10. chiquitoyou says:

    but i’m like very ripped?????

  11. protien repairs mucle tissues dipshit

  12. MikeEves1 says:

    Eat nuts, seeds, legumes, plants and drink room temperature water. Add this with good full body exercises and interval training you’ll be ripped in no time.

  13. MikeEves1 says:

    The lean look is much better than the body builder look. I always think they look bloated and barrel like in clothes. Doesn’t impress the ladies too!

    Just eat as natural as possible (most protein powders are processed ) and as you say use the body weight exercises like a fighter would.

  14. umbilicaltapeworm says:

    I’m with you on that. I no longer buy that protein powder shit, as I am not a bodybuilder and don’t care about getting huge. just want to stay strong, and get stronger. I also use mostly bodyweight exercises, and get pretty creative sometimes. some shit like the deadlift and lateral dumbell raise I just can’t do without though, when it comes to the weights…

  15. MikeEves1 says:

    I am predetermined to be rugged. I’m a hunter gatherer.

    The Mrs on one shoulder and a tree on the other. Me fight like tarzan and look like Tarzan. LOL.

  16. MikeEves1 says:

    Just workout hard with full body exercises and don’t get taken in by these sales and marketing companies who sell this protein stuff. Never used it, never will.

    Far too much protein in the western diet anyway.

  17. umbilicaltapeworm says:

    that bit about the supplements is not true at all. I was in the marine corps and was never told not to take protein. in fact, I was incouraged to, even in boot camp.

  18. umbilicaltapeworm says:

    many lifters (bodybuiders and strongmen mostly) strongly believe in taking in upwards of 300 grams of protein a day, and suprisingly enough don’t usually develop kidney problems as a result. the problem with a high protein diet is not enough water, simple as that. you need a bit more when you eat that much protein, yet feel less like drinking water. but ya you def need protein to build muscle, testosterone just helps you absorb it faster and convert into lean muscle.

  19. umbilicaltapeworm says:

    bulls are genetically predetermined to be rugged, most of us are not so we need all the help we can get…

  20. MikeEves1 says:

    How come the biggest most muscular aninals in the world don’t eat eggs or lean meat? What proten does a bull eat? Too much protein in a diet will give you kidney stones. Testosterone builds muscle.

  21. DynamicAthlete1 says:

    Lots of talk for good information just the same.

  22. @Phelsuma04

    thats because their strength training, not bodybuilding.

  23. idontdriftmys14 says:

    @Phelsuma04 I’m in the military and they definitely allow us to take supplements. SF and all that aren’t trained to be these huge jacked dudes, it’s all about being tactical.

  24. coolaunry says:


  25. Phelsuma04 says:

    Protein is important but there have not been enough significant medical studies to show that the protein shakes gym rats are taking are fully absorbed into the body. I have heard most of the protein shakes and drinks can cause liver problems. Think about this; in the military (i.e. spec ops) they do not allow any supplements at all. Maybe a SEAL could be bigger if he took protein but stronger?? No probably not.

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