The Benefits Of Becoming An LPN Mean Immediate Job Placement

The medical profession is experiencing a growth in the demand for qualified nurses. Labor statistics indicate that more nurses are needed as the aging population grows. The benefits of becoming an LPN first over the RN route are several. The decision must be made by the individual who knows too well what their professional needs are.

The LPN program allows the students to graduate earlier as qualified LPNs. They can become employed almost immediately after graduation and become income earning. Many LPNs elect to return to nursing school later and become qualified as an RN. They often remain at the same place of employment but in a higher job capacity with a higher income.

Training as an LPN brings them to the first step of their career path. The experience they will have accrued will prepare them for RN training later on. Other candidates will elect to route themselves right into the RN program to save money and time.

Critical thinking and organizational skills come from on site experience and not from the classroom. The LPN learns to deal with different medical situations such as life and death scenarios. They reach a level of professional maturity that cannot be taught in RN schools. Many claim that the transitioning from one position to the next is easier.

LPN candidates must have a high school diploma and one year of LPN training from a recognized program. While taking classes they can continue nursing. Classes can be taken online whenever they have the time to participate. Online courses are cheaper than offline ones. Working and studying will require good planning since both are time consuming and tiring.

The Baby Boomer demographic is aging and with that more nurses are needed to care for them. Nurses salaries are increasing and often many LPNs cannot justify getting the RN degree. With it comes more responsibility and stress. They have themselves witnessed how the RN is criticized by doctors and held responsible for whatever happens on the ward including suicide.

It is difficult to find instructors to train more RNs. The pay is not as good as the RN pay on the ward. Many prospective candidates get turned away from the RN programs because there are not enough instructors. The benefits of becoming an LPN is to produce income right away, even though it is less than an RN. The RN studies can be completed online.

The benefits of being an Licensed practical nurse includes immediate job placements. There are many other benefits of becoming an LPN right now.

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