The Benefits Of An Encounter With God

An encounter with God refers to a personal experience that an individual usually has with the supreme God. This event is usually a life changing event, provided God was in it. Most people after this never turn to their bad old ways, because then, they get to taste they beauty of God and never want to miss it.

The experience may happen to many people in different situations. It may happen to people in a bad way or in a good way, but the intentions of the Lord for whatever happens are always clean. For instance, somebody who is a very heavy and destructive sinner may have been preached to severally in vain. Man may give up on him, but the Lord never will.

This is never so because He stops caring for them. It only happens so that people can get to realize that without God, they actually can do nothing. In this case, He lets them get so mistreated and hurt by the devil, until they realize that the life they have taken that only glorifies the devil is not worth it, and they need to choose a more fulfilling life.

The event may also be one very good one. Here, people who have been doing good and living according to the will of Jesus Christ are well rewarded. These people may have been working so hard at something. Some may have been praying so hard for some people to change and follow Christ. When this finally happens, these people then realize that it is the Lord that answered their prayer.

The people that are most despised, neglected or hated in society may be the ones that experience this goodness. These people may have really though Christ does not exist, until He personally manifests to them that He is there, and that he primarily died for them. They later on get to understand that whether neglected and forsaken, Christ still died for them.

People in the world are in two different categories. There are those that believe in the Almighty and those that do not. Those that do not may at times seek to transform those that belong to the Lord, so that they become just like them. Given that these people have been faithful to Christ, He can never leave them alone. These are the times when He comes to them and tells them that there he is, and that he shall never leave them.

These experiences normally come in different forms. Some may be in the form of miracles upon the life of an individual, while others may be in the form of events in the lives of others. However, most people normally wait upon the Lord to give them back their sight if they are blind, for them to believe that He is there. These are the kind of people that insist that God is not there, because they can never look beyond having him fulfill their desires.

An encounter with God is an experience so common to every individual. Those that know how God works and trust in His faithfulness never doubt his grace. Others may however choose to lead their own lives that do not glorify Christ. Christ however patiently calls upon His people without ceasing.

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