The Benefits And Uses Of Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil, a substance extracted from trees of the same name in Southeastern Asia, is believed to possess numerous healing benefits. The substance itself is valuable as it is expensive and time-consuming to manufacture. This is due, in part, to the fact that the tree blooms only one time each year. tamanu oil

For many years, tamanu oil has been used for a wide range of purposes. The oil is frequently used as a skin healing treatment in Fiji, Polynesia and other parts of the world. It is popular for this reason because of its ability to speed new skin cell production.

Pacific Islanders have used the oil for hundreds of years. It is said to be an effective remedy for acute or chronic pain. In addition, many islanders state that it offers beneficial results when used to treat eczema, sunburn, insect stings, skin cuts or dry skin.

As previously mentioned, it is also used as a pain remedy. For instance, when rubbed on one’s neck, users state that it can alleviate sore throat pain. Numerous individuals have also found relief from the symptoms of neuralgia, sciatica, and joint pain such as arthritis and gout through the use of the oil. Its benefits as a pain reliever are still being studied; however, many people have written positive reviews about the oil.

Tamanu oil is used in the manufacturing of various cosmetic products as well. Cosmetics in which the substance is found typically have a pleasant smell and a very smooth texture. Additionally, products containing this oil leave the user’s skin feeling soft and smooth.

Additional uses of the oil include headache relief and the treatment of diaper rash. In certain areas of the world it is also utilized for the purpose of repelling insects. It is currently being studied for its antibacterial properties as well.

As studies about tamanu oil continue, additional information may be discovered concerning its various uses. However, one should speak to a doctor or pharmacist before using any new topical product. In addition, it is never wise to replace conventional medical treatments with alternative cures.

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