The Advantages Of Using A Ceiling Track Hoist

Working in a hospital or care home environment or maybe caring for somebody from your home is usually a demanding job, especially if you need to lift and move patients around. But there are many aids and pieces of kit that may be used to help make your tasks easier, for instance , the ceiling track hoist, which will assist you to safely and simply move patients from one place to another.

The easy track design and easy to use handsets make these hoists the perfect strategy to patient handling in many different hospital and care environments. They may be installed quickly and efficiently and are available with a number of accessories; which includes 4-point cradles and weigh scales – if you happen to need to weigh patients in the transportation process to save some time and eliminate any more discomfort to the patient.

When your working day involves looking after patients and delivering rehabilitation services then its highly likely that at some time you will employ a pool as an aid in the rehabilitation process. Water offers natural support to the body and enables patients to use limbs and muscles with additional ease than they would when out from the water, but often it can be challenging to move patients into place which is why most people make use of a pool hoist.

Pool hoists work very much like a patient sling, facilitating the simple and quick transfer of patients from one spot to another. In this instance, they are particularly useful in moving patients from changing room areas to the pool area itself, where separate ‘dipper’ hoists could also be used to lower the individual safely and carefully in the water.

Some pool hoists may also be used as a toileting aid since they come equipped with a commode seat. They also feature safety arms plus an adjustable footrest to optimize patient comfort. Combined with a ceiling track hoist they enable patients who’d not otherwise be in the position to access a pool to enjoy water-based activities and rehabilitation.

To learn more about the benefits of using a ceiling track hoist why not check out the Joerns website and browse their range of products including pool hoists.

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