The Advantages Of Edible Grasses

During the last decade or so, people have been experimenting with a lot of differing types of powdered greens and herbs. Algae has become enormous in the world of green powder, and is now being produced commercially on a large scale in places such as Japan and Hawaii. It’s easy to spend lots of cash on an expensive green powder, but is that the best way to go?

In my studies of the numerous sorts of green ingredients that go into green powder mixtures, I’ve started gaining more of an appreciation for the basic grasses that humans can eat. You’ve heard of a lot of them, varieties like wheat grass, alfalfa grass, and barley grass. There are two big reasons why I’m giving them more attention these days.

One main factor is the price. Top quality grasses are typically extremely cheap. They are not hard to grow and bottle. Algae, by comparison, needs quite a lot more care to grow and process. A top quality grass typically only costs roughly $15 for a month’s supply. A top quality algae is about twice the price for a similar supply. It is true that algae contains more nutrients than grasses, but the additional nutrients might not be worth the additional cost.

Grasses actually can contain an extraordinary quantity of nutritional value. Take alfalfa grass, for instance. The root system of the alfalfa plant can stretch down 20 feet into the ground. This gives it the ability to absorb big amounts of trace minerals in a highly bio-available form. And alfalfa actually contains a surprisingly high quantity of protein, which you wouldn’t expect from a grass.

I’ve spent lots of money on lots of different sorts of green powder combinations. And while many of the combinations have some great benefits, often it’s nice to just find an inexpensive alternative like alfalfa grass that is loaded with some great nutrients, minus the high cost.

There are a lot of green powder formulas on the market nowadays. If you are confused about which one might be perfect for you, check out these comprehensive green powder reviews.

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