The Advantages of A Variety Of Therapeutic Treatments Built Into Massage Chairs Now

You may find yourself surprised at the number of massage treatments contained in the current line of massage chairs. Massage chairs contained many of the most popular massage techniques. But massage chair manufacturers have not stopped with just massage treatments. There are also a number of other therapeutic treatments which have been added to massage chairs. These supplemental treatments provide additional by for a complete massage and therapy experience.

Massage chairs used to only perform simple types of massages. Generally, they were only able to provide massage to specific parts of the body. Now it is common to find that almost every massage chair offering full body massage capability.

Many people are unaware that massage chairs provide many different types of massage treatments. It is quite common to find shiatsu, reflexology, Swedish, deep tissue and acupressure offered in massage chairs. Many different types of technologies are being utilized to perform these various massage techniques.

Some of the basic massage movements are kneading, rolling, tapping and a combination of kneading and tapping simultaneously. These movements may be part of an automatic program or can be used individually to target specific areas.

Massage chair manufacturers start with the fundamentals and developing more sophisticated programs. The basic movements are being developed in massage chairs are then used in more sophisticated combinations to replicate the more advanced massage therapies.

Massage chairs have automated many of the manual massage techniques. These are now available with a single touch of a button on the remote control. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let the massage chair rejuvenate you.

In order for a massage be effective, it is important that you relax. Relaxation is best induced with soft, rhythmic music. Massage chairs contained MP3 players with headphones to help you with relaxation. This is very important for your body to relax and let the massage penetrates it thoroughly.

Massage chairs are now incorporating heaters. The application of heat is used extensively in sports therapy. Is used to reduce swelling, ease pain and to improve circulation area massage chairs now have integrated heating elements throughout the chair to provide this heat therapy.

Another interesting feature which is being added to massage chairs is stretching systems. These systems are surprisingly relieving. There are now systems which can stretch the lower body in other systems to stretch the upper body. Lower body stretching systems utilize the leg rest which can elongate the lower half of the body.

Upper body stretching is also being incorporated into massage chairs. Some manufacturers of massage chairs have included this feature as well. It is possible to stretch out the arm and shoulders using this new technology.

Many massage chairs still use vibration in a variety of different manners. Some have integrated vibration into the seat. This is very effective in stimulating the capillary vessels in the buttocks. Vibration is also found on the rollers for the back. This helps to effectively penetrate tight muscles in the neck, shoulder and back.

Massage chairs are constantly evolving and integrating new technologies and techniques. They have advanced substantially since the first vibration recliners. They now provide a range of therapeutic treatments at the touch of a button. Remote controls make it easy to apply the type of therapy that you want. Massage chairs are fast becoming a vital part of a health regimen.

You have a wide assortment of Massage Chair Treatments available with the current line up of massage chairs. Why not select from reflexology, Sports massage, shiatsu, deep tissue and more. View the top of the line Sanyo Massage Chair with some of its advanced features including heaters for the soles of the feet.

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