The 7 Card New Age Tarot Spread

The Chakra spread is typically a 7 card upright spread with each tarot card depicting the corresponding energy center. A New Age Tarot reading with the Chakra spread can identify the state of the energy flow in each chakra and how they fit in to the querent’s way of life or specific matter that is of interest.

The Chakras or energy centers of the metaphysical body match to unique portions of the corporeal form. These energy centers run parallel to or through the middle of the spine and up through the top of the head. Each energy point corresponds to many conditions of our lives. Energy or chi flows within and through the energy centers to help to keep the body, mind and spirit in balance. Issues or obstructions in one or more energy points can throw someone off kilter.

There are various opinions about how many energy points the body is comprised of. The most accepted number in western new age thought is 7.

1: Root Chakra: Located near the tail bone- Correlates with the color red- Deals with the material requirements, security and terrestrial energy

2: Sacral Chakra: Located in the upper groin and sexual organs- Corresponds with the color orange- Deals with inspiration, procreation, artistic ability, ability to adapt

3: Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in the stomach- Corresponds with the color yellow- Concerns personal strength, will and steadiness

4: Heart Chakra: Situated in the ribcage- Corresponds to the color green- Concerns love outside oneself, self love, charity and unity

5: Throat Chakra: positioned in the neck- Correlates with the color blue- Concerns personal expression, creative expression, declaration and attentiveness

6: Third Eye Chakra: located in the center of the forehead and above the brow- Corresponds to the color indigo- Deals with perception, prescience and clairvoyance

7: Crown Chakra: Located above the scalp- Coincides with the color violet- Concerns our connection to the spirit world, higher conscious, the infinite being

Since each energy center concerns an area of your existence, you already can deduce what issue the coinciding card is dealing with. This is a great spread for a general reading. It also works well with targeted inquiries because you can see which chakra is affecting the specific matter both for the good or bad. You can therefore deal with a decided matter by zeroing in on steps that will clear closed energy points and encouraging conduct that sustain energy points that are already in attune.

Using the Tarot to assist the flow of energy in your life can be a great tool for positive change!

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