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  1. VickThorrable says:

    Simple but effective ! Thanks Sean, i used it for 6 months now and i am getting ripped and stronger fast ! Kudos !

  2. HOBBS3000 says:

    The guy throwing insults about “anal and prick” is the real deal PENIS. It’s got to be a wind up. Must be a pal of Seans to post that. Ha ha.

  3. johnsigurds says:

    ok thanks

  4. i would really like to see a 15 year old who play sports focus on running and jumping for cardio and lower body. u get alot of that with ur sport activity i assume. and for upperbody you really only need to use ur own body weight at 15 years old. focus on pull ups. all different kinds of pullups and chin ups. do them all. same thing with push ups and dips. do all kinds and variations of the push up and dips. u’ll work all the muscles u have with these basic fundamentals and not risk injury

  5. my advice to you as an athlete and as a human being is to keep up your training. always focusing on proper techniques when lifting and not worrying so much about personal max and explosive power lifts. train hard but keep it in the higher rep range and keep perfect form. stay active but dont train the same muscle group 2 days in a row. and have realistic results in mind. right now your still growing and must understand ur body is not fully grown. when ur 22 years old is when u really go hard

  6. johnsigurds says:

    I am 15 years old and my ultimate goal is to build muscles just like this guy

  7. this guy is totally anal and sounds like a prick.

  8. how old are you and what is your ultimate goal?

  9. johnsigurds says:

    Is it enough to workout 1 – 2 times a week, or should i work ofter than that?. I do a lol of sports 3 times a week. and workout 2 times every week.

  10. littleismail says:

    how much wieght should i increase? is like 2.5lbs ok?

  11. millertime1089 says:

    try a combo of:
    flat barbell
    incline dumbell
    and a flye of some sort, flat bench Dumbbell is the basic since you sound like a novice lifter.

  12. millertime1089 says:

    the purpose of a light day or phase is to saturate a muscle mass with blood and nutrients just after a 48 hour window when the muscle has nearly finished repairing itself. so the main idea with a “light day” is a thick pump with out inducing much, if any fatigue.

  13. TKollaKid says:

    I like this guy; he seems sincere and he knows what he is talking about. Well done. I like your videos.

  14. nightfire4107 says:

    he’s my fav bodybuilder. trust him!

  15. ThePowerserge says:

    Genetics lol

  16. ThePowerserge says:

    Ronnie coleman is also on steroids lol
    Sean’s natural..

  17. hardgainer080 says:

    i really think you need a pair of glasses as well!

  18. hardgainer080 says:

    do you need a pair of glasses??? or you really want to get on peopoles nerves??

  19. TheBearHHH says:

    ???please watch the video before asking anyhting, it gets blocked at 2:48 if you cant notice!

  20. AmericanPowerBase says:

    Would you prefer it stop near the beginning?

  21. Legolas1022 says:

    stress from working out so much..

  22. why does he always hunch over like that, and have his hands up. lmao

  23. thx! I cant imagine being away from the gym too long as well… its just so much fun u know

  24. 123GAZZA321 says:

    from seans muscle building ebook he doesnt talk about light weeks, only takin a week from the gym every 8 weeks, during that time just focus on your diet 100% and if ur like me and hate being away from the gym, then my be low intensity intverval training just so u dont gain too much fat

  25. What about so-called ‘light phase’ or ‘light week’? What is your opinion on that? Is it useful to let go from time to time (lets say 1 week a month) and just mock about in the gym or can you just push yourself a little bit further every single time at the gym? In other words… do you see any benefits of ‘light phase’ for someone who desperately wants to bulk up fast?

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