Thai Massage Liverpool: Various Procedures

Thai massage Liverpool is a branch of Thai medicine which comprises of manipulation, diet, medicinal treatment and ritual ceremony. It is principally an alternative healing method of the ayurvedic kind. Ayurvedic healing arts were developed in the past 3,500 years in India. They include overall healing of the body by using procedures like herbs, acupuncture, diets, deep breathing, meditation, yoga as well as massage.

Thai massage Liverpool uses several techniques. In both Eastern and Western healing systems, the concept of maintaining balance or equilibrium is considered crucial to good health. ‘Sen’ are considered passages for energy, and correspond with blood vessels in the body. Traditional Thai healing practices suggest that when the ‘Sen’ become blocked energy, the body grows stagnant and loses its balance, leading to a range of ailments. Thai massage uses pressure along these energy channels. It acts as an external stimulant to produce specific internal effects within the body, both freeing energy from obstruction and preserving health and harmony.

Another Thai massage Liverpool procedure is blood stopping. This is attained by placing pressure on a major artery in the arm or leg for an extensive period of time- up to about a minute. The theory behind this procedure is that cutting off a major source of circulation to an area would initially result in increased pressure, which will cause the heart muscle to slow its contractions in order to bring the pressure down. When the pressure on the artery is freed a fresh supply of blood rushes into the area, causing it to relax more intensely. This method, however, is not applied on anyone with heart troubles.

Reflexology is also a part of Thai massage. It is based on the knowledge that there are nerve-endings with relation to every inner organ on parts of the body. During an illness or other impact on one of the organs, this relation shows as a hurting place on a reflexology map. These points can be stimulated by a massage and so favorably influence functions of inner and external organs. Thai foot massage is not only a very agreeable relaxation technique but by balancing energy flows in the body, it encourages self-healing processes.

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