Testers Can Find Out If Your Company Is Drug Free With Random Drug Testing At Work

When you are concerned about drug use in your company you will need to find out if your company is drug free with random drug testing. The rise in alcohol and marijuana use has been recorded as about ten million US citizens. Many employees will not agree to being subjected to these tests and may have to be released from their employment. As an employer you will need to be careful that you are not infringing upon your employees’ privacy.

The use of illicit substances can adversely affect the safety of your workplace. If you are an employer whose employees are subject to potentially dangerous situations then the presence of drugs should be ascertained. Employees in the construction industry or those who are working around explosives such as propane gas are particularly susceptible to physical injury if the presence of drugs has been confirmed.

Clerical work is not considered dangerous so that random testing is not usually encountered in these types of jobs. The employer will have to take care in crafting their company policy so if they have a legitimate concern that drugs are present they will have a stronger reason for creating a policy. The workplace must be made safe as quickly as possible.

Many government positions are subject to testing and this is true in some states more than others. Employees who are employed for transportation purposes will need to test negative on the presence of drugs since their work could potentially cause bodily harm to others. Employees who do not agree to these policies at the start during their interview will risk not being hired.

Random tests are controversial since many interpret the process as an invasion of their privacy. Employees who are under medication for a physical condition may test positive on the illegal substance test but do not feel that their job performance is being affected by their medication. The employee would need to enlist the services of a lawyer to defend their right to take prescription drugs for health reasons.

Medical marijuana is approved in states like California. When the employee is legally using this drug and employed in a non-dangerous position such as office work then they are not adversely affecting the safety of the workplace. The conflict in the employee’s right to take medication and the drug policy of their employer would represent a potential for a lawsuit.

Random drug testing presents situations where undesired lawsuits can take place very quickly. The employer must be well informed of their state’s policies and weigh the pros and cons as to the implementation of tests in their organization. They do not want to be bogged down with many years’ worth of lawsuits which could affect the reputation of their enterprise.

It is important to find out if your company is drug free with random drug testing since all employers are concerned about workplace safety. In turn it is equally necessary to respect the privacy rights of employees. The employer will need to learn what the rules and regulations are in their state to facilitate the guidelines for their drug testing policy.

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