Ten Thousand Steps to Fitness

Everyone wants a convenient, effective and inexpensive form of exercise. Walking just might be the answer. It is so simple, requires no equipment, no planning and there is no expensive gym memberships. And virtually anyone can do it.

So, how much should you walk? It is recommended that each of us walk 10,000 steps daily. Since the average male’s stride is about 2-1/2 feet, 10,000 steps measures about 5 miles. The average female’s stride is 2-1/4 feet. This is considered to be the number of steps active person walks every day and a reasonable goal.

Of course, the easiest way to figure out how many steps you walk is to use a pedometer. Pedometers can be simple and inexpensive, or more sophisticated and costly. Some will only measure steps while other can have a variety of features including metric conversion, calculation on how many calories burned and timers. All that is really needed is a simple pedometer to count the number of steps walked. There are plenty of websites that will help with any other calculations and conversions.

Don’t get overly concerned with the number of steps you take in a single day. Try to log your steps daily but look at them weekly. If you are short on steps one day, walk more steps the next.

There are lots of ways of adding more steps into your day. It takes little effort, and just a little thought. Maybe you can park your car further away from your destination or carry fewer items in your arms so you have to make more food trips when doing things around the house. Or take the dog for a walk – a long walk. You both will love it.

Taking ten thousand steps a day will start you on your way to better health. The more active you are, the better you will feel. Get yourself a pedometer and challenge yourself to walk those steps every day. It is simple, easy and fun.

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