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  1. purpleglovez says:

    Don’t do diets at all just eat like a normal person and get out more

  2. purpleglovez says:

    I seen some large people who exercise allot and are very fit, however their diet is awfull :S they just don’t realise that they are eating far too much, america should give out advice on what is acceptable to eat during a day, coz most of these people just don’t seem to realise

  3. supersimsboy says:

    that take for forever and plus half the time when u get started u fall of the wagon i bet ur a skinny person aren’t u ?

  4. yatak1000 says:

    Surgery… what a lazy way out. sure they will lose SOME weight, but they will always be fat because they choose not to exercise…

  5. letstalkgravityYEAH says:

    Yep me too! I gained about 30 lbs and I lost almost ALL of it plus gained some muscle in about 3 months. All I did was exercise EVERYDAY (except like Sundays) AND ate healthy! That is it! So easy!

  6. People rather spend $120 on a pair of shoes than spend a little money on real food, people is mutating little by little all foods are now modified even fruits and vegtables, you have to eat 5 times more to get the nutrients of an organic food, sad but true, instead of watching to much tv full of food commercials go to your computer & start educating yourselfs & if u think science is better than nature well think again, look for real solutions and remember nothing will change unless u change

  7. only took you 3 months? took me about 5 and i only lost liek 2 pounds more, haha. tell me your routine please?

  8. you can tell she gave up fast with the diets. you don’t JUST do diets, YOU NEED TO EXERCISE. I really hate it when people give up so easily, i’ve lost 11 kilos since january just from light exercise and paying more attention to what i ate, it really didn’t take much effort from my part. i mean i’m much much lighter than her and lost that much, imagine the small amount of work she’d need to do to lose it!

  9. Crazzzybabie says:

    And the lack of self-controle


  11. How about Organic Food instead, don’t you realize that all of this is a big bussiness, all this weight loss programs now available and is when more people is getting fat, corn syrup is one of the ingredients that is in almost everything we eat and can be very addictive, do the research invest time on yourselfs and find out what you are really eating, how is the process of “food” and see if you can get a kevin trudeau book or audio book for weight loss and natutral cures, food became so cheap

  12. YOU don’t have the problem, though, do you?

  13. CrystalThesis says:

    Impatient and no self control? Thats going a bit far, dont you think? I have friends that are obese and its got nothing to do with that. It’s got to do with confidence. There comes a point when the weight seems hopeless, and it’s hard to believe you could ever be anything more than an obese person. If you have no confidence in yourself, -everything- becomes a struggle.

  14. how does weight watchers not work? it’s not a special food or pill or anything. the entire program is about portion control… that’s just a lack of will power to make that not work. if you eat less and exercise more, you’ll lose weight. period.

  15. ForgottenSouls666 says:

    I was getting there now im underweight
    i just took control
    and starved for a couple months now im good to go.
    Don’t believe when doctors say you’ll gain it all back just watch your calorie intake and trans fat eeeek and sugar intake.

  16. KathyGurl14 says:

    Agreed! 20 lbs down and going to keep going! Whoo-hoo!

  17. aMazing1ynerdy says:

    I am and overweight teen. About 3 months ago I decided I would change before I was older. I have lost 20 lbs so far and I am doing great. Surgery is NOT the only answer! Its silly when these teens say they have tried EVERYTHING (pills, shakes, etc). Have they tried eating healthy and working out? Probably not.

  18. KianaAutumn says:

    wow… i dont really think that surgery is the way to go… maybe last resort and/or emergency purposes.

  19. Minyadagniriel says:

    and shutting down all fast food chains

  20. salvador1187 says:

    most obese people have one thing in common, that is lack of self confidence, and the hardest part to get by is this. When they manage to get tru this they start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  21. ErinHuggins says:

    Yes, indeed! Most people need to be more patient and they will see results soon!

  22. ErinHuggins says:

    Absolutely!! Thanks for sharing some great tips.

  23. ClipclopHorsey says:

    I find fitness is just self disipline. If you want to loose wait you must try. Even if its only a small walk around the block, as long as you push you body you are doing it some good. Do that for a few times until its easier and then build on it. It’s easy and all you have to do is try.

  24. you can easily loose weight. DIET AND EXERCISE! most of these woman diet but in a bad way! They just feel as if nothing will change and they stray away from their diet plan. Obese people are impatient and have no self control.

  25. plumpkin550 says:

    Everyone check out the New Quantum Scale. It never shows how much you weigh, it only shows you how much weight you have lost or gained from the time you start your diet. Way Cool.

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