Tanning Lotions Are Used To Protect Your Skin

When the weather warms up the first thing you want to do is get out in the sun and start working on your summer tan. Everyone looks much better with brown skin rather than blueish white skin. Most people do not know that we need to use tanning lotions to help make our tan much more even and vibrant. What you may not know is that lotions also help protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet light or UV rays. Those damaging rays are even worse indoors in a tanning bed. Too often people jump into the tanning bed without any kind of indoor tanning lotion. The lotion is used to prevent skin burn and damage. Most of us have ommitted to use lotion at one point or other just out of plain ignorance. This is not a smart thing to do and all tanners should be educated on the use of indoor tanning lotion.

Firstly you need to have the right natural ingredients in your indoor tanning lotions to be able to prevent skin burn or damage. Ingredients such as hemp seed oil and CoQ10 are really great for nourishing the skin and keeping it hydrated which in turn keeps it elastic and smooth. Most tanning salons offer the very best indoor tanning lotion to help keep your skin in good condition. The staff at your local tanning salon will be able to help you with whatever questions you may have regarding lotions. Brand names like Designer Skin and Australian Gold are always a good choice and typically come highly recommended.

Go for Quality.

Not only are there a great many different types of lotion on the market these days, but you’ll find tanning lotions in all price ranges. As with many things in life, to a great extent you get what you pay for.

Designer tanning lotion ranges are usually made with better ingredients, have longer staying power, and are often used as part of a system. For example, a product line might have a three-part system where one lotion is used to establish your base tan, another tanning lotion is used to moisturize your skin and extend your tan, and a third helps darken your tan once it’s been established.

Buying quality lotion doesn’t always mean paying top dollar, though. Online sources now offer a wide variety of indoor tanning lotions – including the designer lines – for the same price you’d pay at the drugstore for a lesser quality lotion. The bottom line here is that it is well worth it to shop around and buy your indoor tanning lotions at affordable prices.

The main thing to remember is to do your research on indoor tanning lotions and make sure you get the best tanning product to fit your skin type. A point to remember is that tanning lotion helps keep your tan even. An uneven tan could be the result of a bad tanning product and it will look like you applied sunscreen to only part of your body. Streaky is not a desired look if you are going to be in a bathing suit.

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