Taking Refuge in an Insomnia Home Remedy

Insomnia can become a destructive sleeping disorder that can negatively affect your daily life functions as well as destroy interpersonal relationships. Before looking for a medical remedy however, it is almost always a good idea to look for an insomnia home remedy first.

Why You Need One

Experts are still divided on the causes of insomnia. It is a fact though that a lot of people may actually suffer from sleeplessness because of normal life worries, anxieties and stressors. If your insomnia is under such a category then you might do better off with an insomnia home remedy rather than plugging chemicals into your body. A natural, no side effects insomnia home remedy will reduce the risk of addiction to sleep aid drugs and other side effects.

Intake Solution

Here are some choices for insomnia home remedy solutions that can be taken orally.

1. Warm unsweetened milk or one sweetened with honey has always been known as an excellent age-old insomnia home remedy. The warm effect of milk and its calcium content are believed to be able to soothe the nerves and promote better sleep. You can also use milk for a relaxing foot massage before sleeping.

2. Lettuce contains lectucarium which is also believed to be a good insomnia home remedy. Boil one liter of water and one tablespoon of lettuce seeds. Remove from heat as soon as the water is reduced to 1/3 its original volume. Strain the seeds and drink up.

3. Drinking warm water with two teaspoons of diluted honey can also be an insomnia home remedy. Honey is said to promote the increased effects of tryptophan which is an essential sleep inducing substance in the body.

4. Taking vitamin supplements rich in vitamin B6 is another insomnia home remedy. This vitamin is crucial for serotonin production. Serotonin is a known hormone which can stimulate relaxation. Increase vitamin B6 intake by eating, peas, fish, spinach, carrots and cheese.

5. Boiling a teaspoon of aniseed is another home remedy for insomnia. Simply cover and let the mixture simmer for a few minutes. Strain the seeds and drink up.


Sometimes all you may need as an insomnia home remedy is a little mental discipline. Make it a habit to leave work documents as well as work related worries at the office. Mentally clear your mind before leaving for home. If you need a little help doing that you can do something relaxing before heading home like eating out with friends after work or watching a feel good movie.


Prepare your bedroom and yourself to make your environment conducive to sleeping. Take a warm bath and put on your pajamas. Dim the lights and turn on some soothing music. Avoid books and late night TV shows that you know will interest you. You can also burn some lavender incense to make the scent of your room more relaxing


Another insomnia home remedy are sleep-inducing supplements. Before trying possibly-harmful sedatives or drugs, look for a product that contains melatonin and valerian extract. Both substances have been particularly popular natural sleep aids.

Are you bothered with insomnia or sleep apnea? Learn what the best insomnia home remedy is.

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