Taking About The Vapor Blunt

Many people are enjoying the freedom of the Vapor Blunt, an incredible portable smoking device. In less than a minute you can be smoking, thanks to advanced new technology. Carry it wherever you may be – it is small and compact.

The key to the whole design is the ceramic element, capable of reaching amazing temperatures in a very short time. The combination of ceramics and heavy metal lead to pure smoking luxury, equivalent to a larger device. Its efficiency owes to having probably one of the fastest warm up times among portable vaporizers in the market today.

One touch operation makes the machine even easier to use. Press the button once and it heats up to a pre-set temperature of 390 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need more heat, pushing the activation switch can raise the temperature up to 410.

Holding the button in turns the Vapor Blunt off. There is a potential fire hazard here, but to make everything as safe as possible, there is an automatic off function that kicks in after 12 minutes of being on. This is one touch technology at its best.

The Vapor Blunt also comes with another special feature, an internal stir knob. Now you don’t have to stop smoking when the herb runs a bit low – just turn the knob and the last bits of tobacco mix for you. Instead of stopping, restocking, and starting again, everything happens in the blink of an eye so that you can smoke freely.

Why not spend a little more and make your Vapor Blunt even more dynamic with a utility tool, brush, or flavor? All of these features, additions, and sleek design combine to make a very impressive piece of machinery. However, there is a lot of competition in this market.

If you are looking for something a little more advanced, then the Arizer Solo, with its aluminum casing and ceramic element, is probably for you. The Arizer Solo is easy to use with seven temperature settings with the capacity to produce Vapor whose quality could match that of a table top vaporizer. It is extremely portable with a powerful lithium-ion battery that could last for at least four consecutive hours of vaporization.

Another great option is the Vapir NO2, which fuses battery life and metallic design. This slightly different design is made with a steel casing and a brass heating element. Pre-set temperatures make sure you never overcook the tobacco, or try to suck something dry.

If you are going to be sneaking around, the silent Magic Flight Launch Box is your best option. We all love thick, high quality Vapor delivery, and this is what you get. To make sharing your pleasure easy and fun, a whip tube is included.

If you are looking for something like this, one of these four options is probably your best bet. Whatever you are looking for in a vaporizer, you can find it in all of these products. Manufactured by industry leaders in vaporizers, these hand held machines are among the bestselling products available in the market.

In purchasing the right portable vaporizers, knowing the popular ones will also help.

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