Taking A Look At Lactose Free Formulas

There are some babies out there who suffer from lactose intolerance. This is why the replacement of milk for lactose free formulas may be possible. For the large majority of children, this condition is not spotted until they are two or older. It is also know only to be temporary prior to its disappearance.

The condition is something that can occur in the absence of a chemical known as lactase, described as a digestive enzyme. This kind of intolerance is generally more frequent among grown-ups while less so among children and babies, particularly breastfed babies. Symptoms of being intolerant lead to abdominal pains and weight changes.

This condition is also only known to last a few days or at the most weeks in babies. When it affects young adults, it will last for a longer time. If you think it is possible that you child suffers from this intolerance, it is advised that you go about contacting your paediatrician immediately.

Once this is done, the case will be looked at before a number of suggestions will be provided, offering solutions regarding the issue. This is a very common condition and rarely lasts long so is not usually a cause for concern. You just need to talk calmly with your doctor to establish the best approach in tackling the problem.

This type of formula is created out of the milk of a cow but lactose is in this case substituted by another carbohydrate. It is necessary to mention however that the formula retains the protein in the milk, so it’s different in this way to soy. It is wrong to confuse the two formulas.

Because this substance contains milk, it cannot be given to kids who have milk allergies. Instead, it is only to be used on infants and babies who are troubled with this type of intolerance. The fact that kids very rarely develop an intolerance at breastfeeding age, the substance is not needed in many cases.

If you are thinking about the use of lactose free formulas for your young child, it is important that you talk to your doctor first. Guarantee that your child is definitely intolerant before solutions are given. If you see a doctor, he or she will unquestionably be able to tell you whether or not your child is a sufferer, and what needs to be done in this case. If you end up deciding to use this substance, it will give the problematic child the nutrients needed.

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