In Depth Look at the New Somnowell Device for Bruxism

The new Somnowell oral device for bruxism seems to overcome many of the shortfalls of the plastic devices currently in use today.

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding: Calm the Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Stress has many faces; it not only can play havoc with the body but with the mind too – resulting in a host of illnesses ranging from high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks to even teeth grinding. Yes, this may sound strange, but 70% of people who gnash their teeth at night are stressed individuals looking desperately for ways to prevent teeth clenching.

Teeth Grinding Causes: Know Why 50% Americans Grind Their Teeth; Not Always In Anger!

Some statistical information leaves you shaken. A recent report published by Benchmark Dental Lab reveals that 50% Americans clench their teeth on a regular basis. The idea about this activity that most of us harbor is that people do this when they are feeling angry or frustrated and have no other way to express their inner feelings. If that is indeed true, what is it that is making so many Americans angry? Or, are there other teeth grinding causes?

Key to Stop Teeth Grinding: Knowing Why It Happens

Waking up after the damage is done is a frustrating experience but this is exactly what happens with teeth clenching. Because it happens while asleep, teeth grinding as a damaging habit tends to remain undiagnosed and hence untreated. The situation literally dawns on the victim the morning after, when he or she witnesses the extensive damage it has done to the teeth and gums. Of course, awareness could also dawn earlier, when the noise of teeth gnashing is loud enough to wake up the bed partner.

Clenching Teeth at Night: Disorder That Results In Some Unsightly Aftereffects

We often hear complaints from aggrieved partners about the cacophony, loud snoring can create. Some say that the noise of clenching teeth at night is even more. Be that as it may, the question still remains – isn’t teeth clenching normal?

Clenching Teeth at Night: Cause and Remedy

If you thought snoring was the worst type of sleep disorder, wait till you hear the noise clenching teeth at night can generate. In fact, the sound can be loud enough to wake up the person sharing the bed! Worst still, the noise generator is blissfully unaware of the cacophony he or she is creating.

How To Stop Teeth Grinding: Start By Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Considering the high prevalence of teeth grinding, why would someone even talk about it, leave alone imagine it to be a health issue? There are so many people who grind their teeth, when angry or frustrated, etc. So, what is so special about ‘bruxism’ – the medical name for teeth grinding? What makes it a medical issue? What could be the real reasons for this to happen, and of course, the most important question: how to stop teeth grinding?