Best Tips On How To Stop Procrastination

What can you do if you’ve tried all the usual tips to stop procrastinating and still had no success? If YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH of starting new projects, usually with buckets of enthusiasm, thinking this time things will be different; only to find yourself right back in that place of inaction, feeling defeated and totally frustrated yet again, then it’s likely you’ve been misinformed about how to deal with this problem. Fortunately the three steps I’m about to share with you will have you turning this around in no time at all. Follow and commit to these steps and not only will you learn how to stop procrastinating forever, but you will find it possible to achieve all those important outcomes in your life which till now you have been struggling to make happen.

Business Women and Self-Esteem: Going 90 with No Self-Care in Sight

As career women or women entrepreneurs, we race at lightning speed across every road of life. We rush to get up and get the kids out the door. We rush in traffic to work. We rush at work to finish our work. We rush at lunch to finish our errands. Then we rush home and dash through the evening routine. After all, we have to hurry up so we CAN RELAX.