How To Start A Ghost Hunt

The spirit world has always been a controversial topic among people ever since before. Many people claimed to have actually seen ghosts or heard strange voices when they are in certain places. Although there have been no concrete scientific proof of the existence of such, plenty have been trying to investigate and prove that these specters do exist. For those who are curious, here are some tips on how to ghost hunt.

Find out How Successful People Are Attracting Abundance and Prosperity

Who doesn’t want to be rich? I would say around 99% of people all over the world are in pursuit of wealth as evidenced by the thousands of books and programs that tell you how to get money fast. There is nothing wrong with acquiring wealth. But ask yourself, is what you’re doing really effective? If your attempts to be rich is robbing you of your strength and time otherwise spent on family and loved ones-then it’s not really worth it now is it? Find the most effective way of attracting abundance without sacrificing the quality of your life today.

And God Said: Let Them Be Rich-Understanding Biblical Prosperity

I used to find it confusing when people talk of money and the religion in the same breath. There are a lot of scriptures that talk about spiritual matters; and many wear poverty as a badge of piousness that should be admired. Does that make having money a bad thing? Do you either have money on earth or your soul in heaven?

A Powerful Prosperity Prayer That Will Catch God’s Ear

Let me tell you a truth that changed many lives for the better-abundance and prosperity is God’s desire for you. I’m not talking about barely getting by; I mean extravagant blessings overflowing in your life. Where did I get this information? A very reliable source called the Bible. You might ask, is there a special prosperity prayer that come with it? I’m sure you want your prosperity today.

The Wonders of Feng Shui

The ultimate symbol of happiness in Feng Shui is the laughing Buddha. He is associated with prosperity, wealth and happiness. Along with other Buddha statues he encourages us to achieve happiness by using our own unique inner qualities. The laughing Buddha plays an important part in Feng Shui and helps achieve balance.

How To Astral Project For Beginners – Top Recommended Advice

How to astral project for beginners is a simple process, provided you know the right techniques. In fact you may have already had a couple of such experiences without even being aware of it, mostly in your dreams. Do you remember those flying dreams of the ones where you could see yourself sleeping from above? That was you projecting astrally! A lot of people apparently also have such out of body experiences during high fever.

How to Have An Out Of Body Experience- Key Techniques and Top Tips

How to have an out of body experience is a fascinating question to say the least. Many people have reported some event or the other that relates to such an experience. While not everyone can recall the experience in lucid detail, most people who have reported traveling astrally recall doing it in their sleep.

Prosperity Lifestyle 101

“For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Our thinking sets the course for our lives. If we find we are not living the abundant life Jesus died to give us, we must examine our thought life. In order to prosper God’s way, our thoughts must agree with His Word. The words we are exposed to on a daily basis have a huge impact on our thinking. And the condition of our minds determines the condition of our lives.