Online Life Coaching – What is Manifesting?

What is “manifesting” and why has it been discussed in the new age forums so much in the last few years? When you understand fully how to manifest your reality consciously (vs. unconsciously), you’ll realize your true power as a divine being. Manifesting is simply the act of creating something out of nothing via your thoughts and emotions. It is your divine right as a co-creator with the Source. The effects of the law of attraction cannot be observed immediately and this is probably why it has taken the human species so long to discover it. But it is just as real as other natural forces such as electromagnetism and gravity, nevertheless.

Online Life Coaching – The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is just as real as gravity. One of the main things we desire in our lives is to be loved. Online dating memberships have grown exponentially in the last decade because of people in search of their “soul mate.” From childhood, we are pre-programmed to believe that finding that perfect mate will make our lives complete and whole. But the law of attraction works against us when we live according to this belief.

Spiritual Life Coaching – The Heart-Based Frequency Holder

Your thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and beliefs emit bioelectromagnetic (BEM) fields that not only affect your mental and physical health but they also have an impact on everyone around you. Living with Heart-Based Intention requires a shift in perception from the brain’s egocentric “little me” perspective to the heart’s connection with Cosmic Consciousness.

Spiritual Life Coaching – Everything in the Universe is Resonance

Everything in the universe has its own unique resonance. Forms that share a common resonance will always be attracted to one another. Even though male and female genders are opposites that attract, it is really the “likeness” in each individual that attracts them to one another. Similar mental, physical, and spiritual resonances also attract. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” You don’t see many doves hanging out with eagles. Similarly, there will always be an underlying strata of like frequency between individuals in a group or tribe as well as those sharing a particular ideology. This “like attract like frequency” phenomenon is known as the law of attraction.