Spiritual Life Coaching: The Best Modalities

Spiritual Life Coaching is designed to meet your individual needs, establish your specific goals and apply the modalities tailored for your spiritual growth. Specific transformational modalities for Spiritual Life Coaching will be used to provide you with the tools, techniques, and psychology you’ll need to actualize your spiritual objectives. The best transformational modalities are as follows:

Spiritual Life Coaching: Identifying a Pain-Body Attack

Like the spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, I view the pain-body as being a separate, invisible, parasitical entity. When looking at it as a psychic parasite, it is easier to practice non-judgment and compassion for the individual who is hosting the pain-body parasite. We can make a distinction between the soul and the emotionally violent entity that has taken over that soul. It’s difficult to do when that host is hurting you and everyone around them, but it is imperative if you want to remain conscious. Otherwise you may fall prey to the pain-body as well. Pain-body work from a spiritual life coach can be very therapeutic for those who have heavy pain-bodies.

Life Counseling – The Law of Attraction

Belief is the most powerful creative tool we have. Without believe, no amount of thinking or feeling would be able to manifest a single form. When we fail to believe in what we are attempting to create, we fail to create. It’s that simple. The law of attraction does not work on positive thoughts alone, no matter what you’ve read or heard. It can’t. Thoughts are only the beginning of the equation. The second part is emotion. Thoughts combined with emotions become very powerful. But the third and most important part of the equation of creation is belief.

A Memoir of a Kundalini Awakening

I’m entering the cafe at Borders, the bookstore near my apartment, after feeling the need to be around other people, order an Evian water, then take a seat at a table near the center of the room. Sensing a tangible energy forming at the roof of my skull, I sink deeply into the chair and my body suddenly feels paralyzed, heavy as stone. I look around the room at the crowd, observe the people sipping their afternoon lattes, perusing through magazines, and reading books. I’m looking at college students studying, business people meeting, and they all seem completely oblivious to my company–as if I’m simply not here. After a long time of sitting motionless, the heaviness wanes and I begin to feel weightless.

Wellness Coaching – Most Americans are Malnourished

Most people are malnourished. I’m not talking about people living in impoverished, third-world nations either. I’m talking about middle-class Americans. Because their diet consists mainly of starch, sugar, and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), the body is prevented from the intake of trace minerals, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants that it requires to rebuild and repair tissue, and to maintain a slightly alkaline state.

Spiritual Life Coaching – Symptoms of a Kundalini Activation

Some initiates into a Kundalini activation have no prior understanding or context of the spiritual path (at least in the current life) and therefore the experience can be shocking and somewhat debilitating. Adding to their confusion and bewilderment, health care professionals still regard phenomena associated with spiritual emergence as indicative of pathology because the signs are so easily confused with the symptoms of psychosis, mania, depression, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder.

Spiritual Life Coaching – Kundalini Arousal and the Ego’s Response

Kundalini arousal offers a direct challenge to the control of the egoic consciousness and even though its intentions are to dissolve the ego, which it does eventually, at first, the ego will be dramatically bolstered because it will interpret the awakening as something that is intended specifically for it. It’s as if the ego says, “Woah, look at how important I am! It is I who have been chosen for a select group of enlightened ones, and so therefore I must conclude that I am very special indeed.