Sleep Apnea Treatments: Which Of Them Is Best Suited For You?

Having multiple options as solutions is good; but not when the plethora of choices leaves the ultimate end-user confused. The situation is somewhat similar when someone is looking for sleep apnea treatments. There are countless choices. To locate which of these is best suited, or to put it more accurately, which of these would be picked up by the doctor is difficult to know. How does the doctor make the right decision?

Excessive Sleepiness during the Day: Why You Should Not Ignore This Sign

It is easy to give a bad name to a person who behaves slightly off-track. For example, if you meet someone who shows signs of excessive sleepiness during the day, you quickly become judgmental and call him or her lazy, a job shirker or some others may think that the person leads a fast lifestyle with too many late nights, etc. In any case, this important warning signal usually gets ignored.

Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

People usually joke about someone who has a tendency to doze off no matter what time it is or the place where the individual is. Little do we realize that the person could be a victim of a health condition called narcolepsy sleep disorder affecting close to 200,000 people in the US. Unfortunately not many of us know much about what the disorder is all about or what could be the causes, symptoms or even its treatment modalities.

Excessive Sleepiness During the Day: There Could Be More to It than Lethargy

Before you brand someone who suffers from excessive daytime sleepiness all the time as innately lazy, perhaps you need to brush up your medical knowledge. For excessive sleepiness during the day could have several connotations. In fact, it could be a precursor to a host of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, hypersomnia or even narcolepsy sleep disorder. Unfortunately, there are a couple of factors that usually misdirect the sufferer as well as those around him or her. First of all, it is linked to exhaustion, lack of good sleep during the night,etc. Secondly, this symptom is common to many kinds of sleep disorders, resulting in misdiagnosis or even wrong treatments.