Treating Low Back Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease

Millions of Americans deal with low back pain on a daily basis. Young to middle-aged individuals are often affected with degenerative disc disease, which can cause back pain on a daily basis. It may have some days where it’s not bothersome at all and others where the patient cannot get out of bed.

Research Displays Link between Obesity And Increased Pain

Numerous small studies over the years have suspected a link between people who are overweight or obese and increased pain. The link makes intuitive sense, but the studies that have been done have not included large numbers.

A Brief Description Of Low Back Pain

Back pain is among the most commonly treated traumas that physiotherapists see, approximately 80% of individuals reporting lumbar pain throughout their life. The good thing is that the majority of LBP resolves within eight weeks. Amongst 10% and 20% of lumbar problems, however, will not correct on their own and may call for the skills of a physiotherapist.

When is it Right to Have Surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease?

Deciding whether or not to have surgery for degenerative disc disease is an elective decision. No one ever died from having severe degenerative disc disease (DDD), so in that regard it is similar to arthritis.

The Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease Don’t Always Match Up With Imaging Studies

Millions of Americans are affected by degenerative disc disease. It is not a fatal condition and surgery is not absolutely necessary. There is an important cushioning, shock absorbing function played by the intervertebral discs. Between each vertebra there is a disc which is mostly water and collagen. All together these discs allow significant range of motion. Just consider all of the various ways your back can twist and turn.

Facet Joint Injections for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain in the US is a substantial problem, with 90% of Americans dealing with back pain at some point in time. Considering that 90% of that pain goes away within 6 to 12 weeks, that means at any one point in time that 10% of the US is dealing with chronic low back pain.

Sciatica: Pain You Wouldnt Expect

Sciatica is a medical condition whereby you feel pain in the lower areas of the back right down to the lower limbs. The pain is restricted to numbness; tingling sensations and a weakened back and limbs. For those of us who haven’t experienced sciatica you can be rest-assured that there is nothing to worry about, it is a fairly subtle and treatable pain.

Lets Look At Chiropractic And Pregnancy

Chiropractic and pregnancy is an amazing topic. Chiropractic is a medical practice that focuses on the tension and pressure within the spine and back region of a human. Many chiropractors have their own clinics in which they regularly service the same clients on a weekly basis. Pregnancy is the condition a woman goes through once one of her eggs have been fertilized and she will soon enter motherhood.

How Can I Tell If My Feet Are Involved In My Low Back Pain?

As a Bellevue Chiropractor I have found that 60-70% of the people that suffer with low back pain also have some sort of dysfunction in their feet. This dysfunction, over time, can create and be the very cause of the pain in their back. The vast majority of my patients who present this way have no idea that there is anything wrong in their feet, they just know that they have back pain! In my office I use a digital foot scanner, and biomechanical testing to evaluate every low back pain patient for this problem, and complication